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Secret Academy Episode - Patrick Crowley

Patrick Crowley worked as an Environmental Water Planner when he was considering solutions to the steadily growing water supply problem locally and globally. Rather than looking at a short-term solution to this problem, Pat dove into the base cause of this issue – agriculture. Understanding that the food we grow and farm currently uses 90% of our water supply, Pat looked to uncover an alternative food source that could be sustainable. Chapul was born. With the launch for “The World’s First Cricket Bar” on Kickstater in 2012, Chapul validated itself for potential success to become a revolution for the food industry providing food products using cricket flour. After appearing on Shark Tank and signing a partnership with Mark Cuban, Chapul’s slow and steady climb has turned into a sprint.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Chapul was created as a solution to the globe’s fresh water supply problem
  • How Western culture differs on the view of insects as food
  • Why lack of diversity effects both nature and business economies
  • Discovering how to overcome culture acceptance
  • Reverse engineering a problem at consumer level
  • How consumer perception can change an industry
  • Pat’s experience on Shark Tank
  • Validating an innovative business idea
  • Determining if you should get an investor
  • Pat’s experience partnering with Mark Cuban
  • Ensuring that your team and partners share the same vision and goals
  • Maintain integrity based on what you stand for and the values of your company
  • The true meaning of Entrepreneurship
  • Celebrate your successes, no matter how small
  • Launching a product in an unfamiliar or non-existing market
  • Discovering what will resonate with potential consumers
  • Perfection is the enemy of progress
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