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Secret Academy Episode - Maziyar Jobrani

Jobrani was born in Iran. He and his parents moved to California when he was six years old. He was influenced to aim for a different career by his family and started a PhD program in political science but went back to the theatre program at UCLA, auditioned for a play and got in. He quickly realized that he loved being on stage and loved doing the plays. He decided to focus solely on just that. Jobrani is now a founding member of the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour who have also appeared on Comedy Central. Along with his appearance in numerous films, featured on the radio, in comedy clubs, and television shows, Jobrani has appeared on Better Off Ted, The Interpreter, Friday After Next, Superior Donuts, and Dragonfly. You can find some of his specials even on Netflix.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Inspirations of becoming a comedian
  • Choosing between what your family wants you to become vs. what you are passionate about
  • Aiming for a stable career vs. a career that you enjoy and love
  • The behavior of the Americans towards an Iranian guy
  • The importance of education in the actor field
  • If education or practice is more important
  • The reason Jobrani chose the Middle East
  • Going from comedy to Hollywood
  • The Jimmy Vestwood movie
  • Why Iranian people are chosen to play as themselves as only Iranian
  • The experience Jobrani got from making the Jimmy Vestwood movie
  • What Jobrani would do differently
  • Advice for young people
  • Feedback for his movie and the actors
  • Making a fundraising campaign
  • Distribution of the film
  • Getting a bigger name in the movie
  • The goal: Make back your investor’s money
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