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Secret Academy Episode - Darren Kavinoky

As a socially introverted kid, Darren did not have the best childhood growing up and often found it hard to associate himself with others. While out one night with other friends, Darren was introduced to marijuana and that moment changed his life forever for better and for worse. After a rocky start in college, Darren eventually went to law school and miraculously passed his BAR exam while still addicted to drugs. Eventually Darren opened up a successful law firm but his addiction lead him down a very dark path that eventually cost him his loved ones and business. Rehab and treatment centers did no good but the voice of reason came from his wife one night that caused him to do some serious self reflection to sober up and live the right life he is capable of living. With a bit of luck, Darren was asked to be a guest legal correspondent on TV show Entertainment Tonight during Mel Gibson's DUI arrest. Since then, he has worked with HLN, CNN, Court TV, The Insider, Fox News, DR Phil, and many more. His accolades including being awarded as the "Top 100 Trial Lawyers in California" every year since 2007. Aside from guest appearances, Darren is the creator of the TV show Deadly Sins on Investigation Discovery and still heads his law firm The Kavinoky Law Firm.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why marijuana was a transformational moment for Darren
  • The downward spiral that marijuana sent Darren on
  • Reasons why Darren became a lawyer even after his legal troubles
  • Darren's first start in the world of legal law and why he didn't find it fulfilling
  • The one trial case that got Darren's foot in the door and business on the map
  • How Darren grew his clients easily by adding a personal touch to his business
  • Why Darren eventually crashed and burned because of his drug addiction
  • The moment of clarity that changed Darren's life around
  • How he was awarded Top 100 Trial Lawyers in California for the last 7 years
  • Why he treats his law firm like a business unlike other lawyers
  • How he pioneered the first online lead generation service for DUI lawyers
  • The 4 things lawyers and entrepreneurs need to succeed in their business
  • The Mel Gibson trial and story that put Darren on Hollywood's A list
  • Outside the box thinking that impressed the executives on TV
  • His encounter with an author that eventually lead to the creation of Deadly Sins
  • The one thing anyone can do to make more money with their business
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