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Secret Academy Episode - Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David was born in Iran and following the revolution, his family immigrated to America when he was 12-years-old. Knowing that higher education wasn't in the cards for him, he decided to enlist in the military immediately after high school. Patrick was able to land a job as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley without having a college degree and went on to launch PHP Agency Inc., an insurance marketing organization, all before the age of 30. He found his passion in teaching and inspiring the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs and has gained a substantial following posting videos twice a week to his YouTube channel.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why not everyone on social media has credibility
  • Sometimes schools employ teachers who teach theories without actually have any experience in certain subjects
  • How he was able to land a job at Morgan Stanley without a college degree or prior experience in financial advising
  • Navigating his new profession right as the 9/11 attacks happened
  • The difference between Elon Musk and Jeff Besos as influential entrepreneurs
  • The reason why he wanted to start mentoring others
  • Why he chose YouTube as his platform for mentoring
  • Transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship and why it takes longer than most people think
  • Politics in the corporate sector and how it affects success rate
  • Biggest piece of advice for young entrepreneurs
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