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Secret Academy Episode - Josh Elledge

Josh Elledge wanted to reduce some of his monthly bills and started to find some loopholes in the system to cut his expenses by sometimes more than half. Taking it to the next level, Josh started to look for ways to save when he spends as well with the use of coupons, often not known to the general public. With these loopholes in hand, Josh created Savings Angel, an exclusive site catered to saving consumers thousands of dollars of month through a unique and custom tool that works based on where the consumer is and what they're looking for. As word started to get out, Josh saw his customers were not coming in the form of traditional ads, but rather free press he received when being featured on major local and major publications. Josh saw this as an opportunity to teach others the same methods of getting free press and now coaches students through his course at Millions in Free Media. Today, Josh has built a multi-million dollar empire while saving consumers more than $10 million.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The birth of Savings Angel and how saves millions for its customers
  • Behind the scenes of the revenue model behind Savings Angel
  • The growth of Savings Angel and the importance of hiring within the US
  • Low investment marketing strategies that work for Josh
  • The difference between marketing and public relations
  • Best publications to look for when trying to get featured
  • How to prepare yourself to increase your chances of being featured
  • The do's and don'ts of being featured on TV
  • Focus on building relationships through offline and social media
  • Why you shouldn't mess with HARO first even if its easier
  • The best ways to connect with contributors to be featured
  • Why you should be your own publicist instead of hiring someone
  • Why free press isn't as hard as it seems and how to do it
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