Third Circle Theory Course
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Based on the Best Selling
Book Third Circle Theory
With over 200,000 copies sold worldwide and endorsed by such self-made millionaires as Andy Frisella, Fabio Viviani, and Ryan Blair for helping you become a better Entrepreneur.
The Purpose of this Course:
  • Learn to differentiate between being a business owner and an Entrepreneur
  • Understand the evolution of how Visionaries are made
  • Discover how to control your Environment and how to manipulate it
  • Learn where Passion comes from, and how to discover yours
  • Uncover the path to unveiling your Purpose
  • Master Circumstance, and understand the impact society has on you
  • Discover how Ideas are formed, and where Belief comes from
  • and more...
Video Explanation for each Section
About the Author:
Based on the best selling book Third Circle Theory, Pejman Ghadimi author and creator of the Third Circle system takes you into a step by step breakdown and explanation of the key points found in each circle.

Expect appearances and discussions with Third Circle Readers including experienced Entrepreneurs. This 5 hour HD course was in the making for over a full 6 months in the hopes of helping more people discover how powerful being purposeful can be. It is a visual supplement to one of the most ground breaking modern concepts of Entrepreneurship.

From the break down of each circle and each perspective, to live interviews, the course also explains some of the more complex teachings in the book through simple to understand examples. While the Third Circle Theory continues to remain one of the most loved books on Entrepreneurship, this new course is guaranteed to provide you even more expertise in helping reshape the way you think and maximize your ability to innovate in today's business world as an Entrepreneur.
From The Course:
For Better
5 Hours of HD Video, 20 Segments,
And Over 6 Months in the Making
Entrepreneurship is much more than business, it is the mastery of one's self and the ability to see past what others see. It is ultimately the ability to act on what others deem impossible. It is not a gift, but rather an art we learn to master with practice.