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Secret Academy Episode - Josh Verne

Josh Verne has proved the old saying true, third time IS the charm. After being a businessman and entrepreneur for the greater part of his life, Verne’s third business endeavor FlockU has become a house-hold… or should I say a dorm-room name in colleges across the United States. Verne has focused on building only mission driven businesses based on his passion for helping others and that has been a key reason he has found such success. Because when passion drives your business there is nothing that can stop you.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Understanding that part of success is being able to give back.
  • How to build a mission driven business based around your passions.
  • Passion is power.
  • How selective marketing can end up proving better for your business.
  • How to use your target market group as your greatest tool for marketing.
  • How to build loyalty with your customers and market groups.
  • How to build a business that not only helps you succeed, but others as well.
  • Authenticity plays a big role in the success of a product in any market space.
  • How to ensure your market group remains loyal to your product even after years of involvement.
  • How to take responsibility as a business for the decisions you make to affect your customers.
  • Real life education is just as important as school based education.
  • Surround yourself with only good people.
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