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Secret Academy Episode - Nino Batista

There are many talented photographers in the world and while they all have a unique gift for photography, very few have the drive and understanding of the business behind the art. Nino not only is one of today’s best glamour photographers but he also has been able to change the typical way photographers monetize their business. His ability to go from photographer to trainer while continuing to follow his passion has made him a great example of how photographers can learn to monetize their passion. Nino shares his tips on turning your hobby into a business but more importantly shares his best practices on growing as a photographer.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to turn art and passion into compensation.
  • The power of separating business and hobby.
  • How he got started in photography.
  • Why most photographers don’t make money.
  • How to stay focused on business, when your business is distraction based.
  • How he innovated the glamour photo industry.
  • How to go from working to teaching.
  • How to balance three kids, a wife, and entrepreneurship.
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