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Secret Academy Episode - Kim Loan

Kim Loan Duong is 32, and onto her third business. She is co-owner of Empire Society, which she co-founded in 1999 and organizes events worldwide. She then branched out into Prestigious Models in 2002, an Asian and Pan-Asian modeling agency. In 2012, she launched a third time with Image Powerhouse, an entertainment production studio specializing in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, as well as new divisions for Prestigious Models in Fashion, Print, Commercial, TV and Film. Her story is inspiring for how she broke through some of the myths that hold back other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The 10-year path to success.
  • How to mix culture, passion and business.
  • The key to succeeding in talent management.
  • The difference between modeling and talent.
  • How to be a hands-on leader in order to know the industry.
  • Why starting one business at a time is simply better.
  • How she dominated the Asian talent industry in less than 6 years.
  • How to differentiate your brand.
  • How image is part of your brand, and why it matters.
  • How to make it as an attractive women in the entrepreneur realm.
  • The reality of business.
  • Why Forbes did a feature on her.
  • Her best tips to women in business.
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