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Secret Academy Episode - Bobby Harris

Growing up and working on the shipping yards allowed Bobby Harris to see the industry evolve right before his eyes. From going to employee to franchisee to software logistics developer to franchiser has helped Bobby remain agile and adapt to the fast growing industry. Since 2007, Bobby Harris has grew BlueGrace Logistics into a $100 million company. Bobby prides his success on having a great team in place to help support his vision.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Going from employee to franchise owner.
  • How DHL almost shut down his entire business and how he recovered.
  • Why franchising can be better than starting your own business.
  • Being business owner offers freedom but not without self discipline.
  • How being agile helped Bobby adapt and stay ahead of the curve.
  • The changes Bobby faced from going to 5 mil a year to 100 mil a year.
  • Why its essential to hire people, not resumes.
  • Why being people centric as a business owner is very important.
  • How to hire the right candidate for your company and why you should fire fast.
  • The key to success is sharing a common vision to have an aligned culture.
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