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Secret Academy Episode - Greg Reid

The power and influence of those you surround yourself with and the effect they have on your personal growth is one of the most important concepts you can grasp as an entrepreneur. By finding the right mentors and learning the Success Equation that transformed his life, natural born leader and entrepreneur, Greg Reid, was able to grow his small advertising firm into a multi-million dollar business which ultimately changed his life. He learned some of the most valuable success principles by reading books like Think and Grow Rich and seeking counsel from success experts like Brian Tracy, and Tony Robbins, who have now grown to become his personal good friends and powerful alliances in his mission to empower others towards a more successful future. Through founding Secret Knock, filmmaking, becoming a bestselling author, acclaimed motivational speaker, and simply focusing on helping others, Greg has become one of the most impactful leaders in the personal growth industry to date. He was recently hand selected by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to help carry on the teachings of Think and Grow Rich, and spends most of his time focusing on paying it forward by helping others understand the laws of success.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The Success Equation that transformed Greg’s life (P + T x A² + F = success)
  • Why Association is the single most important aspect in the Success Equation
  • What allowed Greg to turn his small advertising firm into a multimillion dollar business
  • How Greg built symbiotic relationships with mentors like Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy who are now among his best friends and partners
  • Why successful people seek counsel vs. failures who seek opinion
  • Why you already have 80% of everything you need
  • Difference between doing something you’re interested in vs. something you’re committed to
  • Why the secret to finding success isn’t about selling 5 million people it’s about selling 5
  • How Greg works smarter not harder and how you can make sure you’re engaged in income producing activities
  • How you can achieve success by applying personal growth principles
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