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Secret Academy Episode - Jeff Hoffman

Engineer. Innovator. Mentor. Founder. These are just four words that only begin to describe the man who needs no introduction. Jeff Hoffman, the successful entrepreneur and globally know motivational speaker, has proven himself in the world of business ten times over. By focusing on buyer driven commerce, Jeff is able to understand the mind of the buyer and help tailor his services to fit just what they want. Jeff has been a part of over 8 start-ups both public and private, co-founded Priceline and Colorjar, and even took his knowledge to every corner of the globe to help inspire and motivate entrepreneurs with ideas expanding from agriculture to the latest technologic innovation. With an act for inspiring and a mind hard-wired for success at all costs, Jeff has become a leader like no other.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Hardest part of any entrepreneurial business is the marketing
  • Emotional connect with clients bodes better for business
  • Buyer driven commerce beats selfish seller every time
  • Innovate ways to beat your competitors
  • Go somewhere with less competition
  • Pay it forward, if you know it, help others learn it
  • Knowledge is power
  • Separate entrepreneurship from technology
  • When first starting out, “go for gold” by focusing on doing the one thing you can do better than everybody else and stick to it
  • Focus on your one thing, perfect it, and then expand
  • Don’t do it alone. Build a strong team
  • “Hire the best and pick up their laundry” style of leadership: take care of your people and they will take care of you
  • Don’t be blinded by your own brilliance
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