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Entrepreneur Of The Year 2016 - Tom Bilyeu

For 2016, Secret Entourage recognized yet another incredible Entrepreneur for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He has led as an industry leader in the nutrition space, has built a company that had in excess of 57,000% growth (that’s not a typo) and his company was recognized in 2014 by INC. as the 2nd fastest growing company in America. If all these accomplishments weren’t enough, he has now shifted gears from helping the world be healthier to addressing people’s mental state of mind by helping other Entrepreneurs through his latest project called Impact Theory. Secret Entourage proudly congratulates Tom Bilyeu, co-Founder of Quest Nutrition, host and founder of Impact Theory as the Entrepreneur of the Year 2016! It is with great honor that we welcome Tom in joining Andy Frisella and Fabio Viviani as one of today’s rare breed of Entrepreneur and incredible human being.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The breakthrough that allowed Quest Nutrition succeeded in a declining category
  • The early social media strategy that allowed them to scale Quest so rapidly
  • How Tom’s family became the catalyst for Quest’s mission
  • Why Quest was boostrapped even through they could afford to fund it
  • The importance of hedging your bets when starting a new business
  • How to get your product into stores by having your customers ask for it
  • The benefits of being a first-mover when trying to change an industry
  • How disruption happens in any industry
  • Why your company needs to be mission-based
  • Why mission-driven companies still need a revenue model
  • What it takes to be a guest on Impact Theory
  • Where Impact Theory is going in the future
  • Disney’s “Total Merchandising” strategy
  • Advice for entrepreneurs going through down times
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