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Secret Academy Episode - Casey Cochran and Stephen Kaiser

The food industry is a quickly growing and diversified field. Casey Cochran and Stephen Kaiser put their heads together and realized that the meal delivery niche within the industry had a few areas that could be vastly improved. Together, out of a spare bedroom, the two young entrepreneurs launched Fit Food Fresh. Even with no experience in the food industry between them, aiming at local clientele and utilizing their resources allowed them to raise the bar on customer service and quality. With very little of their own money to start, they managed to go from almost $90k revenue in their first year to already a 7-figure business as they enter their third year.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to launch a start-up with no overhead capital or investors
  • Starting a business with no experience in the industry
  • Utilizing knowledge as a consumer
  • Deciding to stay local or go national
  • The struggles Casey and Stephen had to overcome within the first year
  • Mistakes are okay, but learn from them
  • Creating relationships with your consumers
  • What they would have done differently
  • How to scale and area-specific company
  • How they utilized Stephen’s SEO/marketing skills to grow their client base
  • Planning to transition for larger growth as a chain or franchise
  • How Casey and Stephen make their partnership work
  • Advice for people looking for a business partner
  • How the guys hold each other accountable
  • How Fit Food Fresh has changed in 3 short years
  • Hiring and fostering talent
  • The characteristics they look for in employees
  • Why it is important to “fail faster”
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