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Secret Academy Episode - Larry Broughton

Larry Broughton is here with us to not only to tell us about the incredible entrepreneurial journey to date, but also tell us a little bit about how to succeed in the hotel and hospitality industry. Larry is the Founder/CEO of broughtonHOTELS, a leader in the boutique hotel industry; and Co-Founder/CEO of BROUGHTONadvisory, a strategic vision, elite team building, and transformational leadership organization with clients ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to Turner Broadcasting and The Pentagon. He’s received numerous awards for business performance, innovation, and leadership; including Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year®, NaVOBA’S (National Veteran-Owned Business Association) Vetrepreneur® of the Year, Passkey Foundation’s Business Leader of Integrity, Coastline Foundation’s Visionary of the Year, while Entrepreneur Magazine included broughtonHOTELS in their Hot 500 List.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Larry’s life before entrepreneurship
  • How Larry started his entrepreneurial journey
  • Do internships, work as an employee first and get experience
  • Key principals to maintain a successful hotel
  • The importance of creating an emotional connection with people in business
  • How to hire people and export the best out of them
  • What does success really mean?
  • Culture is the first thing you must set up
  • Advice for people starting in the hotel business
  • Lack of creativity kills a lot of businesses
  • The core principles of leadership
  • Common problems in today’s young people
  • Surround yourself with positivity
  • Focus on your strengths; Do not be analytical; Take action.
  • Expect and embrace failure but do not give up
  • Chase significance, not success
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