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Secret Academy Episode - Dave Grutman

After graduating from University of Florida with a degree in finance, Dave Grutman decided that he wanted to bartend in South Beach, Miami before going home to settle down and sell title insurance. He ended up bartending at a restaurant in Aventura Mall under owner Jeff Soffer that would change the course of his career. Working there opened his eyes to the world of hospitality, and he knew that was the path he wanted to take. He honed his skills by managing a restaurant and opening his own nightclub in Fort Lauderdale. Dave then teamed up with two others to start Miami Marketing Group, a company that would offer branding, marketing, and events. Eventually, Jeff Soffer approached Dave to help create a nightclub within the Fontainebleau that would transform Miami nightlife. Thus one of Miami's hottest nightclubs, LIV, was born, with STORY following soon thereafter.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why Dave decided to go into hospitality instead of selling insurance
  • How his first job lead to a business opportunity
  • Steps needed to succeed in the nightlife scene
  • Positioning yourself to attract ideal clients
  • How to turn a passion into a career
  • Why you should always be aware of your competitors and your market
  • Why you need to build a brand
  • Being involved in all aspects of your business when it comes to owning a nightclub
  • Relationship building and building your network
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