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Secret Academy Episode – Eran Eyal

Secret Academy Episode - Eran Eyal

Eran Eyal is involved in multiple kinds of startups which range from artificial intelligence to insurance. Eran is an entrepreneur, four-times founder and successfully exited two companies. His passion is in startups that solve a significant problem – particularly in crowdsourcing and marketplaces. Among his many titles and achievements, Eran co-founded and is the founder of iDea, where he designed 16 mobile phones and sold the concept to a major mobile phone manufacturer. He is a winner of United Nations World Summit Award for most innovative e-business and successfully raised over $2M for his last startup.

Secret Academy Episode – Kevin Kelly

Secret Academy Episode - Kevin Kelly

By publishing the book “The Inevitable”, Kevin Kelly helps everyone who seeks guidance on where their business, industry, or life is heading – what to invent, where to work, in what to invest, how to better reach customers. He provides an optimistic road map for the future, showing how the coming changes in our lives – from virtual reality in the home to an on-demand economy to artificial intelligence embedded in everything we manufacture – can be understood as the result of a few long-term, accelerating forces. Kevin supports the idea that everything is going towards tech industry and no matter where you work, the tech side of the business cannot be avoided. Kevin was a part of the founding team that launched Wired magazine in 1993. During his tenure, Wired won the prestigious National Magazine Award for General Excellence twice.

Secret Academy Episode – Michael O’Neal

Secret Academy Episode - Michael O’Neal

Michael did not want to trade a dollar for an hour. He found network marketing and internet marketing which made a huge transformation in his life. He was able to meet incredible people in the network marketing, internet marketing, life coaching, and entrepreneurship world. In August 2013, he started a Podcast called The Solopreneur Hour – Job Security for the Unemployable. Its aim is to show the other unemployable people of the world the correct path to business success on their own terms. The Solopreneur Hour is now a podcast that produces a 6-figure income for him and has grown to over 1.5M downloads in its first year.

Secret Academy Episode – Larry Broughton

Secret Academy Episode - Larry Broughton

Larry Broughton is here with us to not only to tell us about the incredible entrepreneurial journey to date, but also tell us a little bit about how to succeed in the hotel and hospitality industry. Larry is the Founder/CEO of broughtonHOTELS, a leader in the boutique hotel industry; and Co-Founder/CEO of BROUGHTONadvisory, a strategic vision, elite team building, and transformational leadership organization with clients ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to Turner Broadcasting and The Pentagon. He’s received numerous awards for business performance, innovation, and leadership; including Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year®, NaVOBA’S (National Veteran-Owned Business Association) Vetrepreneur® of the Year, Passkey Foundation’s Business Leader of Integrity, Coastline Foundation’s Visionary of the Year, while Entrepreneur Magazine included broughtonHOTELS in their Hot 500 List.

Secret Academy Episode – David Allen

Secret Academy Episode - David Allen

David Allen has been called one of the world’s most influential thinkers on productivity and has been a keynote speaker and facilitator for such organizations as New York Life, the World Bank, the Ford Foundation, L.L. Bean, and the U.S. Navy, and he conducts workshops for individuals and organizations across the country. He is the president of The David Allen Company and has more than twenty years’ experience as a management consultant and executive coach. His work has been featured in Fast Company, Fortune, the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications. Getting Things Done has been published in twelve foreign countries and in over 28 languages. GTD helps you achieve and maintain that optimal condition, by using your mental energies to think about things rather than think of them.

Secret Academy Episode – Peter Rojas

Secret Academy Episode - Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas started off in technology journalism with a master’s degree in English. After he finished grad school, he worked in advertising for a little while before ending up at Red Herring magazine, first as Associate Editor then as a writer. He was co-founder and Editorial Director of Gizmodo, leaving to co-found Engadget and eventually sold both to AOL. He also founded the video game blog Joystiq. Along with Josh Deutsch of Downtown Records, Rojas launched the online record label RCRD LBL. In July 2008 Rojas left Engadget to start the consumer electronics social networking site GDGT. The site premiered in 2009 and was co-founded with Ryan Block, Rojas’ successor as Engadget editor-in-chief. Rojas is currently the VP of Strategy for AOL and the Director of AOL Alpha.

Secret Academy Episode – Michael Dermer

Secret Academy Episode - Michael Dermer

Michael Dermer left a promising law career with a prestigious New York law firm to fix the healthcare system by starting IncentOne – the first company to provide financial rewards for healthy behavior. Michael sold IncentOne and his company was credited with creating the health rewards industry. What resulted was not only a business success, but perhaps more importantly the discovery of a unique method on how to thrive under the pressure, chaos, and burden of being the entrepreneur. The Lonely Entrepreneur was born.