We are not an extension of the formal education system and we we are not another online academy. Since 2007, we have devoted ourselves to recruiting some of today’s most incredible business minds and Entrepreneurs, convincing them to teach you what you need to know to succeed.
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  • Don’t know how or where to start?
  • Feel like you would make it if you had some capital?
  • Fear failure or rejection both in business and in life?
  • Don’t know where or how to find a mentor?
These are the same obstacles and concerns all our academy teachers had to deal with.
Master the fundamentals of Real Entrepreneurship & Business from those who have proven their success!
How to creatively market and
commercialize products.
- Chris Stoikos
How to look for opportunities
in any position you're in.
- Louis Spagnuolo
How to outsource work to
create more time and freedom.
- Chris Ducker
How to deliver and close a
winning pitch to business investors.
- Oren Klaff
How to leverage licensing for
your products and inventions.
- Stephen Key
How to transition to your own
business and get your first clients.
- Saija Mahon

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Meet some of the Incredible Teachers in the Academy.
Meet 2 of our teachers who are highlighted for their incredible commitments to teaching in the academy and both of them Entrepreneur of the Year Winners:
Entrepreneur of the year 2014:
Andy Frisella - Founder of 1st Phorm
After pooling together $12k with his friend & starting the very first Supplement Superstores location in Missouri, it has expanded to multiple locations including another 50+ planned. Andy has also branched out into supplement manufacturing with 1st Phorm, which creates high quality and effective supplements.
Entrepreneur of the year 2015:
Fabio Viviani - Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur
As one of the most successful Chefs, Fabio came to America and rebuilt his empire from the ground up. Today he has a $65 million business in various verticals from restaurants, coaching, publications, and is a renowned celebrity chef on television. Fabio teaches how to bounce back from failure and what to focus on to be truly succesful.
LEARN FROM THE EXPERIENCE OF 100’s of successful entrepreneurs across 70+ different industries
CEO of $100M/Yr
Supplement Company
“As Seen On TV” Pioneer
and Shark Tank Original
Worldwide Restaurateur
and Celebrity Chief
CEO of Largest Exotic Car
Rental Company in Miami
Randall Pich
Founder of $8 Million/Yr
Lifestyle Apparel Brand
Millionaire Penny Stock
Trader and Teacher
Dan Fleyshman
Youngest Founder of a
Publicly Traded Company
#1 NY Times Author and
CEO of $600M Company
charles ngo
Multi 7-Figure Affiliate
Marketer and Teacher
Brenton Hayden
Built Real Estate Franchise
and Retired with $20M
Braydon Batungbacal
200+ Apps (10M Downloads)
Apps for IG/Pokemon GO
neil patel
Fortune 500 Top 10
Internet Marketer
Real Results by Real Students.
See what our students have to say!
Here are 3 individuals we are highlighting this month for their commitment to our systemology and here are their results:
Meet Kiran, CEO of Carbon Trim Solutions:
He Launched a Product During High School, Made Over $40k a Month Before Admitted to College.
Kiran found a void in the phone accessory niche for high end automotive influenced cases and set out to create the first of its kind. After finding a reliable manufacturer in Asia, Kiran quickly developed an ecommerce storefront that now ships his product all over the world. More impressively, all this is happening while he is studying full time as a Sophomore in college.
Meet Andres, CEO of ENTRPRNR Clothing:
Andres co-founded a 6-figure clothing brand in less than 2 years with no prior industry experience.
Andres and his partner started ENTPRNR, a lifestyle clothing brand, which started just with a simple idea and a single t-shirt design on paper. The brand has now grown exponentially into a movement supported by celebrities with sales over $150,000 annually and continues to expand into other apparel and can found in select stores.
Meet Damian, CEO of DOR Investments:
Discovered the Secret Academy 2 Years Ago, Has Bought and Flipped Six Homes While Running 3 Businesses.
A serial entrepreneur at heart, Damian has perfected the art of sales from running a handful of mall kiosks that sell hair style products. In order to feed his car addiction, Damian jumped ship into a whole another industry in real estate. Today, Damian is on his 6th home purchased and focused on rehab and rentals.
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  • The Academy is made up of self-made & accredited entrepreneurs, who started on their own and learned the ropes of business and entrepreneurship, and finally the systematic process to succeed (and for some not just in one business, but multiple businesses, hence becoming serial entrepreneurs).

    These include entrepreneurs who sold their companies for millions, created #1 bestselling apps, own SEO website empires, consulted for Fortune 500 companies, invented products on store shelves, built software companies with 1,000s of clients, and a few Billionaires who share their very unique perspective on life and business.

  • Over 70 different Industries are covered, so you can learn not just from the industry you're interested in but from the brilliant business minds that span across all businesses.

    Specifically you can learn from successful entrepreneurs with track records in the following industries:

    Apparel (Clothing Lines), Apps, Affiliate and Online Marketing, Stock Trading, Real Estate (Wholesaling and Flipping Homes), Restaurants, Building Residual Businesses (Online and Offline), Franchising, Manufacturing of Products, and many, many more.

  • The Academy now has a growing nationwide (and international) group of entrepreneurs that make up the community behind the Academy. The community includes both young novice students and seasoned entrepreneurs who are all on the same mission... to learn from each other, to help each other grow, and to be inspired and motivated by the success (and failures) of each other.

    Academy members have been able to leverage the community to find partners, validate ideas through each other, find suppliers, use each other's services, and expand into new industries based on the experiences of each other.

  • Academy lessons taught by hand selected Entrepreneurs, with a new one each week.

    Industry specific Masterminds with the ability to join in live on new masterminds.

    Business Center so you can learn how to start, and grow your idea into a product or service.

    Access to 2 Online Communities of entrepreneurs, one for open brainstorming and dialogue and the other for following each others progress in more detail.

    Invite to in-person Meetups in various cities to live network, and help with potential partnership opportunities.

    Entrepreneur Resources provided from Secret Entourage and directly from our Academy Entrepreneurs.

    Discounts on all new premium courses being provided.

    Did we mention that the Academy is expanding in 2017! And your membership entitles you to those benefits as well, stay tuned!

  • Another benefit of the Academy is the chance to join our annual Secret Academy Challenge (only available to Academy members). The challenge is a 6 month boot camp style entrepreneurial contest where our entrepreneurs set hard to reach goals for their business and then set out to achieve and crush those goals. In the process they are held accountable by the Academy community and are required to provide details of their progress (helping other entrepreneurs learn and in the same process getting feedback and help from the community to move past their own obstacles).

    The challenge helps founders and entrepreneurs gain real awareness in their strategies as business owners, and those that make it to the finals have been able to achieve 2x-5x business growth through the mentorship, support, and feedback provided by our community and Secret Entourage mentors. Finalists are also invited to an all-expense paid trip down to South Florida, where one finalist is declared the winner and goes home with a check for $20,000.

  • Besides the Academy episodes that are provided by the Academy teachers, step-by-step business guides are also provided in the Business Center portion of the Academy.

    The business center provides an organized path through the business lifecycle, from setting up your business, to building your team, to creating your service or product, to growing and scaling your business, and ultimately to the final exit.

    Additional guides are provided in the form of Masterminds, which are held live and available to members to join remotely. Masterminds cover specific topics and are presented by an Industry Expert, and provide members a great opportunity to engage live and ask questions. Previous masterminds include:

    Advanced SEO Techniques, Making Money Outsourcing, Generating Cash flow through Real Estate, How to Hire & Establish Culture, Business Structures 101, Sourcing Manufacturers in China, Introduction to Facebook Ads, How to Properly Leverage Instagram, and many more.

  • Yes, joining the Academy also gives you free access to attend official Academy Meetups that are hosted throughout the country. During these meets, members get a chance to connect with each other, Secret Entourage founders, and Academy teachers as they are available.

    There have been several instances where members have met for the first time during Academy meetups, and have partnered up and created businesses together as a result of attending the meetups.

    For 2016, we held official meetups in LA, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, and Atlanta. Members also held their own meetups in NYC, Dallas, and internationally in the U.K. and Australia.

    Tentative official Academy meetup tour for 2017 includes: Miami, LA, Washington DC, Chicago, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, NYC and more!
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