Secret Entourage Academy

Secret Academy Episode – Noah Elias

Secret Academy Episode - Noah Elias

Noah Elias has worked with big names including Barbara Streisand, Tom Cruise, Red Bull, MTV, and Toyota. Universal Studios sought out Noah’s skills in the design of Suki’s S2000 in the film “2 Fast 2 Furious.” He is an independent artist for Disney, currently runs his own creative art studio and has been voted top 25 artists in the world by Art Business News. However, Noah understands that there is more to success as a creative entrepreneur than simply creating beautiful pieces of art. Noah is also an author and consultant. He strives to help people live to the utmost potential of their calling.

Secret Academy Episode – Daniel Gefen

Secret Academy Episode - Daniel Gefen

Daniel Gefen has been featured in mainstream media and multiple major publications including Forbes, INC, CIO, Influencive, and has experience on both sides of the mic. Daniel has launched multiple successful businesses and is also the host of “Can I Pick Your Brain?”, which has been recently rated top 26 podcasts to listen to in 2017. Daniel’s guests have included over 100 highly influential people such as Jay Abraham, Yanik Silver, Russell Brunson, and fortune 500 founders. He is also the co-founder of Get Featured – a company that helps influences appear everywhere such as on podcasts and publications. Daniel’s mission is to help people discover their voice and share their message with the world.

Secret Academy Episode – Garrett Gunderson

Secret Academy Episode - Garrett Gunderson

At just 15 years old, Garrett Gunderson launched his first official car detailing business. Fresh out of college, he began earning a 6-figure income. Garrett continued to become a multi-millionaire by 26. Today, Garrett is the founder and Chief Wealth Architect of Wealth Factory – a comprehensive personal financial education and implementation program for entrepreneurs, health care professionals and small business owners. Garrett is also the author of the New York Times bestselling book, ‘Killing Sacred Cows’. Garrett prides himself in helping people find their purpose and passion through lasting principles, as well as discovering the most value out of all areas of the human life.

Secret Academy Episode – Steve Olsher

Secret Academy Episode - Steve Olsher

New York Time’s best-selling author, chairman and founder of, creator and founder of The Reinvention Workshop and the host of Reinvention Radio are just some of Steve Olsher’s many titles. As a serial entrepreneur for over 25 years, Steve coaches entrepreneurs and teaches how to gain visibility online and off. Steve’s lessons are from direct experience as he has fought through both massive failures and tremendous successes alike. Steve built up a hugely successful internet business, only to walk away from it after 9 years. He continued on to establish a $50M real estate development company which ultimately plummeted with the 2008 market crash. Today, Steve has since reclaimed and is building it towards a 9-figure business. Steve shares from his hard-learned experiences to help you discover your WHAT and realize ultimate achievement in business and life – as published in his NY Time’s best-selling book, “What Is Your WHAT?”

Secret Academy Episode – Justin Wetherill

Secret Academy Episode - Justin Wetherill

Like many entrepreneurs, Justin Wetherill was unsatisfied with the limited options he found when he was faced with a problem: his brand-new iPhone fell out of his hand and needed to be fixed – ASAP. Justin noticed a prime industry market just begging to be serviced. Partnering up with his college friend, David Reiff, the two launched themselves into learning everything they could to provide a more logical solution to a common problem for consumers. After some initial trial and error, and help from mutual friend Eddie Trujillo, the guys opened the doors to the first uBreakiFix storefront. The explosive growth that followed was something Justin had not foreseen. Initially, Justin was biased against the idea of franchising, but after learning more about how he could customize the agreements to ensure a consistent experience, he decided it would be the best option. Today, over 4 years into franchising, uBreakiFix has nearly 300 open stores averaging around $677,000 a year in unit sales and 800 new stores committed to open over the next 36 months. With a solid performance monitoring infrastructure, thorough training of franchisees, it’s no wonder why uBreakiFix continues to raise the expectations and standards in the tech repair industry.

Secret Academy Episode – Kevin Roberts

Secret Academy Episode - Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts is an author, international business leader, business founder, and entrepreneur with over 22 years’ experience as CEO working with companies such as Gillette, Proctor & Gamble, and Pepsi-Cola. Kevin first got his foot in the door as a branding manager for Mary Quant, the iconic London fashion house, when he was only 17. Gaining experience and knowledge every step of the way, Kevin is now also an educator and shares his expertise by also conducting presentations to business audiences in over 60 countries.

Secret Academy Episode – Patrick Crowley

Secret Academy Episode - Patrick Crowley

Patrick Crowley worked as an Environmental Water Planner when he was considering solutions to the steadily growing water supply problem locally and globally. Rather than looking at a short-term solution to this problem, Pat dove into the base cause of this issue – agriculture. Understanding that the food we grow and farm currently uses 90% of our water supply, Pat looked to uncover an alternative food source that could be sustainable. Chapul was born. With the launch for “The World’s First Cricket Bar” on Kickstater in 2012, Chapul validated itself for potential success to become a revolution for the food industry providing food products using cricket flour. After appearing on Shark Tank and signing a partnership with Mark Cuban, Chapul’s slow and steady climb has turned into a sprint.