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Secret Academy Episode – Brandon Steiner

Secret Academy Episode - Brandon Steiner

Brandon Steiner grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, starting his entrepreneurial journey at just the age of 10 as a delivery boy for a local fruit market. Steiner leveraged his adversity and was able to use his struggles to motivate him to work harder and eventually founded Steiner Sports, one of the largest names in sports marketing and memorabilia. In this interview Steiner gives the listeners a personal look into his humble beginnings and how he realized that putting all his effort into the small tasks, like answering local athletes fan mail, turned into him becoming one of the most successful sports marketers of all time.

Secret Academy Episode – David Long

Secret Academy Episode - David Long

David Long is the CEO and founder of My Employees, a site that helps managers motivate employees through recognition tactics. But more than just that, through his years of working for others and reading nearly 400 books on leadership, Long has created a platform to turn average managers into favored leaders. Through this practice of employee engagement, Long has been able to create programs designed to give managers feedback on their performance straight from their employees mouth. With this type of recognition on both ends of the spectrum, Long’s My Employees has helped companies like Doubletree Hotels, Fed-Ex, Chick-F-La become positive and enjoyable workplace cultures.

Secret Academy Episode – Josh Verne

Secret Academy Episode - Josh Verne

Josh Verne has proved the old saying true, third time IS the charm. After being a businessman and entrepreneur for the greater part of his life, Verne’s third business endeavor FlockU has become a house-hold… or should I say a dorm-room name in colleges across the United States. Verne has focused on building only mission driven businesses based on his passion for helping others and that has been a key reason he has found such success. Because when passion drives your business there is nothing that can stop you.

Secret Academy Episode – Nick Santonastasso

Secret Academy Episode - Nick Santonastasso

If you look up “Motivation” in the dictionary there is a picture Nick Santonastasso beside it. Born the 12th person in the world with a rare condition, Nick has lived his life with no legs and only one arm with one finger. He was given a 30% chance to live and rather than falter and dwell on the negative, Nick chose only to see the positive. Nick has become a CEO and renowned motivational speaker who inspires others to adapt and overcome any obstacles they may meet in the personal life or in business. With such an optimistic and success driven mindset leading the way there isn’t anything Nick Santonastasso can’t do.

Secret Academy Episode – Greg Reid

Secret Academy Episode - Greg Reid

Greg Reid is the true definition of a success-motivated action taker. Throughout the years, Greg has taken on many roles. One being a best selling author with books such as “Stickability”, “Three Feet From Gold”, and “Everything Is Subject To Change” that have inspired thousands of readers and shown them that the most valuable lessons we learn are also the easiest to apply. His most recent project however, has thrown him in the glamour world of Hollywood. Greg has taken on the film industry and has flourished thanks to all his past successes and failures have taught him. Perhaps his best known role is being the CEO of Secret Knock – an exclusive, invite-only professional networking community with members who are some of the top artists, athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs in the country. Forbes magazine called it the “Can’t Miss Conference for Entrepreneurs”. With all of this experience under his belt, the advice Greg provides is nothing short of crucial to anyone who is looking to succeed.

Secret Academy Episode – Richard Lorenzen

Secret Academy Episode - Richard Lorenzen

Richard Lorenzen is the Founder and CEO of Fifth Avenue Brands, a Public Relations company in NYC that handles media coverage and speaking events for the world’s biggest entrepreneurs and influencers. Some of his clients include other Secret Academy teachers like Grant Cardone and Timothy Sykes. While Richard is an experienced entrepreneur, his early beginnings started back when he launched his first company at the age of 15 in NYC. Richard is also the author of his latest book, Surge, which teaches aspiring entrepreneurs his life experience and what allowed him to build a multi-million dollar Public Relations company.

Secret Academy Episode – Andrew Paradise

Secret Academy Episode - Andrew Paradise

Andrew Paradise is the CEO and founder of Skillz. Skillz is the world-wide leader in mobile eSports and connects the world’s 2.6 billion mobile gamers through competition. Skillz is ranked number one on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list and the first eSports company on CNBC’s Disruptor 50. In 2016 alone, Skillz received a revenue of $54.2M after only launching in 2012. Prior to Skillz, Andrew founded AisleBuyer, which was sold to Intuit in April 2012 as well as Photrade, which was sold in 2009 to MPA Inc. He has also worked in venture capital and private equity investing for Fort Washington Capital Partners and The Watermill Group.