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Secret Academy Episode – Cody Sperber

Secret Academy Episode - Cody Sperber

This man needs no introduction because most of you have probably seen his advertisements all over social media. But for those of you who may not know him, Mr. Cody Sperber is a very well known and highly successful real estate investor, as well as one of the top teachers in the real estate space today. Cody started his real estate journey with no money to his name trying to flip any property he possibly could to get his name out there. Through a lot of trial and error, and some tough lessons from life itself, Cody has now done over 1,000+ deals, worth around $200M! A lot of people in this day and age want to get into the real estate market because they think it is easy and quick money, and while Cody says the industry itself is “Future Proof,” this industry isn’t some get rich quick scheme. Just like anything in life, you need to be willing to put in the work to see the true reward, and that is exactly what Cody has done. But unlike many self-proclaimed “real estate gurus,” Cody practices what he preaches. Not only does he make an effort to train and teach others how to find success in this field, but he continues to buy, sell, and rent his own properties every day. If you want to learn by example, then look no further and say hello to your new teacher: Mr. Cody Sperber, The Clever Investor.

Secret Academy Episode – Justin Schenck

Secret Academy Episode - Justin Schenck

We are the most “on the go” generation in history. It seems now a days that more and more people are stating a simple fact, “I don’t have time to watch TV”. But everyone needs entertainment, so where are these people turning to? Podcasts. There a billions of podcasts that can be found on millions of different topics ranging from Business to Star Wars Fandom and can be downloaded right onto your phone for easy access. Justin Schenck is a successful podcaster who founded the Growth Now Movement podcast, a show dedicated to self-help and encouragement, something our generation has also taken a liking to understand in the recent years. While you may think that podcasting is for those with expertise in their field or only the famous people can make a show successful, that isn’t necessarily the case. Justin is a guest today to teach you how anyone and everyone could start a podcast without having any pre-existing fame to help you out.

Secret Academy Episode – Jimmy Nicholas

Secret Academy Episode - Jimmy Nicholas

It seems like this day in age, everyone and their mother is on social media. What once was a place for people to connect and share photos has turned into a very important asset for every business across the globe. Now we may recognize some ad types more than others like products of all shapes and sizes, Ecoruses on millions of topics, etc there are still some ad types that don’t get force fed down our throats like others but are still just as important. Jimmy Nicholas is the Founder of Jimmy Marketing, and his company helps connect potential patients with medical specialists in their area, specifically in the dental and orthodontic fields. Jimmy and his team help take a practice’s social media presence into the limelight to make them more appealing to patients in their local area. Jimmy’s Marketing is a perfect example of a niche that just works for both consumer and provider across the board. Though you think all marketing is a one size fits all type of game, medical marketing is quite different and Jimmy is here today to explain how he has found so much success in this niche world.

Secret Academy Episode – Oliver Kenyon

Secret Academy Episode - Oliver Kenyon

Oliver Kenyon like most of us had a goal. He said he wanted to be a millionaire before the age of 30 (said when 26). Now with no more than $15,000 in his bank account at the time, he was far from his goal, but he wasn’t far from making it possible. Oliver was one of those gentleman that saw the rise of the digital era and jumped on the front run of what was soon to be a long bandwagon. Beginning first by building a massive affiliate marketing company, he rose to the challenges and an ever-changing market place can bring forward. Until one day, Oliver’s goal become a reality and a million dollar deal was struck for his affiliate marketing company. Overjoyed, he didn’t just go off on vacation, instead he went back to work 10 times harder to building: Landing Page Guys. A company that helps other companies build one of a kind and multi-functional landing pages that you are sure to have stumbled across a time or two.

Secret Academy Episode – Henry Kaminski

Secret Academy Episode - Henry Kaminski

Henry Kaminski once worked in a hospital, surrounded by doctors all working to help diagnose a terrible disease most commonly found in infants from ages 0-1 years old. The work was tough but the wins were monumental and Henry enjoyed the good times. To better help the team he was on, Henry taught himself graphic design to make online and in person flyers and ads to also help spread awareness. Henry had built up a staggering book of clients due to his new found talent being spoken about through the community, but when tough times hit the hospital, Henry was forced to either be demoted or leave. So he took the plunge, left the hospital and pursued a self-employed career with his background knowledge of marketing, branding, and graphic design. Now almost a decade later, through lots of ups and downs, Henry is the Founder of Unique Designz and has been coined the title of: “The Brand Doctor” and now he is here to have a consultation with you.

Secret Academy Episode – Dave Lukas

Secret Academy Episode - Dave Lukas

Being an entrepreneur for some is a choice made later in life and acted on by years of corporate knowledge and expierence. For others, like Dave Lukas, it’s in your blood from birth. Dave Lukas grew up with a side of the family who never went to college but still seemed to be incredibly successful in their own businesses. Seeing that as a child sparked a love for entrepreneurship that caught it’s first flame as him selling American flags to his neighbors with a 100% close rate even before he was in middle school! This created a drive to sell and succeed, and right out of college Dave started his own business. After numerous trial and error periods that we all go through, Dave found success in becoming the VP at one of the companies he had invested in, Grasp Technologies. Through all these journeys, successes, and failures, Dave realized that the people he had worked with, the family who raised him, and even he himself never fit a “Traditional” mold. So using all his past expierence and acquired knowledge Mr. Lukas began hosting the Misfit Entrepreneur podcast where he interviews successful entrepreneurs who never really made it in the traditional ways. Dave created this podcast to help shift and shape the minds of these aspiring entrepreneurs and now he is here to give you a lesson or two on what it takes to be a Misfit.

Secret Academy Episode – Tony Whatley

Secret Academy Episode - Tony Whatley

Tony Whatley came from humble beginnings as he so puts. But perhaps those are the best beginnings to come from. Never feeling entitled he always got to work to earn what he wanted. His first job at McDonalds at the age of 15 taught him a lot in the corporate and training mindset, but even with that part time job he never stopped hustling on the side. Then he bought himself through engineering school by working as a pipe-fitter out for the oil refineries, but continued working odd jobs as a bartender or server to help make his income higher than it was. Whatley continued his career path by climbing corporate ladders and flirting with middle management. But even with his corporate career in place, he always worked at his side hustles and ended up building them up so greatly they became 6-7 figure companies and once sold made Tony a millionaire ON THE SIDE. With this success Tony made the choice to become a teacher/mentor to help other entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves and in turn help them make their businesses more successful. Since making this decision Tony has launched his successful podcast: 365 Driven and become an Amazon Best Seller with his book “SideHustle Millionaire” and he wants to tell you all about his journey today.