Secret Entourage Academy

Secret Academy Episode – Daniel DiPiazza

Secret Academy Episode - Daniel DiPiazza

Being a millennial this day in age is not easy, a lot of people seem to come down on the generation because they think the world owes them something. And while all millennials seem to want the “get rich quick route”, some of them are actually ready and willing to put in the work to get there, like Daniel. Daniel worked odd end jobs ever since he was in high school everything from restaurants to UPS delivery, he did it all! He knew that he was worth more than what he was currently doing and rather than getting stuck in the same cycle he decided to break free. Now he is a new author of an incredible book and a famous podcast called: Rich20Something that are helping everyday people do the same. Daniel understood there was a difference between business and entrepreneurship and he knew that even when times got tough he would rather work for himself rather than waste his worth and talent somewhere else.

Secret Academy Episode – Aaron Young

Secret Academy Episode - Aaron Young

We all have a tendency to start a task and rather than looking at the next step, we look 20-30-40 steps ahead to the exit, and while this may seem like a bad trait to have, it isn’t. Entrepreneurs and business owners alike should have an end in sight at all times, knowing full well what it means at any given point if they were to exit their business. Aaron Young has almost become an expert on exiting companies, and he has picked up on just about every trick and tip out there to help others do so. Aaron Young is the CEO and Chairman of Laughlin Associates, a 44 year old company that has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs start, scale, and exit their own businesses. Aaron has been a helping hand in almost any industry you can think of, giving advice and strategizing with all different types of business owners. After learning all he could about the way businesses grow, scale, and eventually sell he wanted to pass on his knowledge to others so they too could be as successful as possible in their field.

Secret Academy Episode – Joe Huff

Secret Academy Episode - Joe Huff

Joe Huff always knew he wanted to help others, but philanthropy was never in his cards. So rather than centering his life about trying to figure out how to get money to give back to others, he took the entrepreneurial path that lead him to founding LSTN Sound Co. A company that creates beautiful and functional audio headsets, and for every purchase Joe and his company help to give back to communities all over the globe, by blessing these peoples with the ability to listen to not just music, but the world around them for the first times in their lives.

Secret Academy Episode – Brad Lea

Secret Academy Episode - Brad Lea

You’ll find that the more and more you hear these entrepreneurs stories, most of them never planned on working for themselves one day. Brad Lea was the GM of one of the most successful Dodge car dealerships in the country at one point, and making about $300K a year with no issues. However, the people around him saw great potential in his teachings to his employees, and often sought help from Brad for training in their own lives. After realizing the large demand for this type of training, Brad developed his own technology for online training. Knowing full well that everything in business boils down to sales, Brad used his master closing skills to help propel LightSpeed VT to the point where it is today.

Secret Academy Episode – Isaac Lidsky

Secret Academy Episode - Isaac Lidsky

Some of you may already know my guest today, Isaac Lidsky was on one of America’s favorite TV shows Saved By The Bell starring as Weasel in the hit SitCom series. However a diagnosis of eventual blindness rocked his world, he left the acting industry he had known since he was a child to pursue business in a greater realm. On the cusp of the economic decline in 2008, it became clear to Isaac that the potential to buy a small business was better now than it ever had been before. The real estate market had crashed and thus his idea to buy a residential construction firm came to fruition. Now Isaac has had time to learn and gain expierence in an industry that we don’t usually talk about here in the Academy, and he wants to share that knowledge with us.

Secret Academy Episode – Honoree Corder

Secret Academy Episode - Honoree Corder

Being an entrepreneur you know that some of the best advice can come from previous experience. By being able to hear what someone else has been through in their own life, you can apply their actions, mistakes, or lessons into your own. Honoree Corder believes in this too, and has written over 25 books all based on her past experiences, all centered around helping others through her mistakes, successes, and life lessons. With over 15 best sellers under her belt, Honoree has opened up her own publishing house and has dedicated her time to writing, coaching, and helping motivate people that feel that authoring a book is exactly how they can portray their message in an effort to help future generations.

Secret Academy Episode – George Palmer

Secret Academy Episode - George Palmer

Sometimes a business idea can come to you by just thinking of a problem you face and then creating your own way to solve it. That is exactly what George Palmer did with SendOwl. After watching people online and those he knew personally struggle to sell their digital product or service, he decided to create his own marketplace platform called SendOwl. He built the platform with simplicity and the user in mind, making it extremely easy to use and pretty much a “one click” ordeal. The beauty of SendOwl is that it is just a huge facilitator for transactions, and that allows them to obtain income on a pretty passive basis. In a business space where competitors pop up left and right, the way that George and his team are able to thrive is from his constant desire to be the best at what he does and see his customers happy and fulfilled in their choice to work with SendOwl.