Secret to Success – Cameron Fous

With recent movies like The Wolf of Wall Street putting the spotlight on penny stocks and trading, thousands have wondered how they could get in on the action. Ask anyone that has invested in the stock market and they’ll most probably admit they’ve lost more than they’ve won. To create a sustainable and viable business day trading, one must have the complete training and resources to make it happen. Luckily, traders like Cameron Fous have created ‘watch over my shoulder’ training courses, while at the same time earning more than $600,000 in day trading. Today, thousands of students study under Cameron’s Fous Alerts program and learn how to profit off penny stocks to add more money to their pockets.

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Secret to Success – Yanni Albana

As entrepreneurs, we often hate working for others which leads us to create our own businesses. Many struggle to balance their day jobs while taking on entrepreneurship on the side as it is mentally and physically consuming. Others like Yanni Albana thrive on the constant hustle because it helps shape his self discipline and will to succeed. During the day, Yanni works at a University where his job is to act as an advisor and network with hundreds of individuals. At night, Yanni is the owner and operator of Nara Ultra Lounge, a hookah lounge based out of San Diego, California. Although working a 9-5, Yanni has built up a thriving business and is ready to take the next step.

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Secret to Success – Steve Gallion

As entrepreneurs, its not always about the end game but rather the journey we all must navigate through. While there will be ups and downs, we must stay on course and ultimately believe in ourselves and our vision enough to see it come to life. Steve Gallion faced the same obstacles after reaching his first million at age 23 before being forced to work for Target after investing most of his capital into his business. His gamble paid off and after four years of long hard hours, Steve’s business got acquired for a large sum money allowing him to retire if he wanted. Being a typical entrepreneur, Steve is already onto the next big idea.

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Secret to Success – Amber Blonigan

As female entrepreneurs, the path to success can sometimes be difficult with push back from society and competitors. At the age of 25 with nothing more than $30,000, Amber Blonigan created Gi Motorsports. Pushback from society and competitors was as expected as female entrepreneurs were not as common, especially in the automotive industry. Amber was able to tune out the negativity to constantly move forward and make wise business decisions to grow the company exponentially within the first few months of business. For over a decade, Gi Motorsports has been the premiere European automotive maintenance and tuning shop in Los Angeles. From McLaren MP4-12Cs to Lamborghini Aventadors, Gi Motorsports does it all.

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Secret to Success – Chris “Drama” Pfaff

As a young teenager all the way from Ohio, millions of people have watched Chris “Drama” Pfaff star along side his cousin, Rob Dyrdek, on MTV’s Rob & Big and Fantasy Factory since 2006. For almost a decade, we’ve seen Chris go from Rob’s assistant to becoming an entrepreneur on his own. If you’ve watched the last few seasons of Fantasy Factory, you may have noticed Drama’s rise to stardom when he launched Young & Reckless, a street wear clothing line. Leveraging the tools available at hand, Drama quickly grew Young & Reckless into one of today’s most popular and fastest growing clothing lines worn by countless celebrities and sold in retailers nationwide. It’s an honor to have Drama share his story with us today.

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Secret to Success – Jonathan Joseph

After working a 9-5 job that didn’t quite work, Jonathan had to go back to square one and figure out what he really wanted to do in life. Hardship fell on Jonathan where he had to resort to moving back in with his brother while he worked a part time job to make ends meet. After being introduced to the world of cosmeceutical science by his brother, Jonathan found a new passion and business opportunity. His first year of business proved to be a success, even while balancing a day job along side his business. Knowing that he could take his business to the next level if he was able to focus on it full time, he quit his job and the rest is history. Today, his scientific cosmeceutical line is achieving new heights and advancements year after year!

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Secret to Success – Tolga Tarak

After immigrating to the U.S. from Italy, Tolga Tarak found himself in Tennessee of all places where he worked as a used car salesman and paid for his education. Shortly after a brief stint working for another company, Tolga knew that he wasn’t building his dream but rather helping someone build theirs. He took his contacts and knowledge and launched Emilia Motors, a luxury concierge service that caters to the worlds wealthiest individuals. Tolga and his team help source the most extravagant vehicles internationally. Today, he lives in Monaco and Miami and has the privilege of owning a Bugatti Veyron. Some call all this luck but Tolga will tell you it was all Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

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