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12 Apps Earning Over $100,000

iphone app

When the Apple iPhone was released, developers rushed to create applications for the device in what could be considered a gold rush of the mobile era. Entrepreneurs like Klutch22 were able to see the opportunity that existed and that has now resulted in over 500,000+ apps available in the iTunes marketplace.  The difference that app development has against lots of other business ventures is the mass reach available through the millions of iPhone, iPod, and now iPad users. Let’s not forget about the Android market which has now surpassed the iPhone in market share. There are several ways to make money from apps whether it be from paid apps to free apps with ads but the reality remains that money can be made with the simplest ideas which we will show you with these 12 apps that gross well over $100,000.

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Secret to Success – Ted Nguyen

It is not often to see an Asian guy rockin’ out to Dr. Dre in a classic ’64 Chevy Impala in the early 2000’s when the majority of Asian enthusiasts were wrenching on the likes of Honda Civic or Acura Integras. This passion for classic cars and modifications lead to the formation of EVS Motors, founded by Asian American entrepreneur Ted Nguyen. Ted has a history with taking the road less traveled which can be seen through his success in business and also a few project cars that shocked the world. Read more on how Ted Nguyen of EVS Motors aims to redefine the car modification industry…

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Do YOU choose to STAY POOR?

In excitement of the actual release of our best selling eBook STAY POOR on the shelves of over 11,000 locations through the US, we have decided to take a moment and discuss the title of our book and the reasoning behind the title, rather than the book itself. We decided to name our book STAY POOR as a result of our observations of society as a whole and the constant theme that great minds think alike. We figured that many common trends exist among successful people but not in the sense of what they do but rather how they think as it all begins in your mind. A common theme across the board for our team as well as others out there was simply that successful people choose to be successful and drove their actions to mimic their thinking while others choose to STAY POOR.

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Project Maserati Quattroporte “Mafia BOSS” – Phase 5

We are 70% through our project at this point and figured it would be a good time to take a look back at our project and see the true cost of ownership of this Maserati Quattroporte so far.  We bought our Maserati about 7 months ago now and have had some significant findings about the costly expense owning such a car can carry. We purchased this 2007 Maserati Quattroporte GT with only 13,000 miles on the odometer and a Maserati warranty expiring in 12/30/2013 which made it a no brainer for us when selecting the car.

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Luxury Real Estate – Villa Paradiso

Villa Paradiso

For $16,000,000 this month, we bring you your very own private beach, the most amazing terrace ever and some of the finest marble floors in this insane California Villa in La Jolla. This villa is for sale by Hurwitz James Company and if you do have the money to buy it, you ll need another $7,000,000 just to furnish it…

A mere dozen steps from pristine and sandy shores, Villa Paradiso is one of the rarest of gems along the seashore in picturesque La Jolla, California – a spectacular residence with direct beach access. Inspired by classic Mediterranean architecture, this magnificent oceanfront villa welcomes you to live, enjoy and entertain in a dramatic setting of unobstructed sky, sea and lush landscaping. Step through the heavy wooden gates, and immediately you are in your own private enclave.

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Secret Model – Jenna, Courtney, Lauren, Kenny, and More…

secret model ellis

Another month and another pretty face? As the old adage goes, keep it simple stupid (KISS)  and we did just that this month! Secret Entourage has been fortunate to have some of the most gorgeous women grace our website. For this month’s Secret Model feature, we simply decided to go back and bring you more of the girls you loved including previously unreleased photos and behind the scene footage to tantalize your tastes even more. Make sure to enjoy this special model feature as it is unlikely to ever happen again.

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ADV1 + Wheel Boutique = Win

We often bring you business stories about ADV1 and their amazing rise to fame, but this month we are going back to basics to see some of the most epic projects to date that ADV1 and Wheel Boutique have put together. All of these amazing projects have gone viral and helped bring major awareness to the ADV1 brand as it was growing larger which speaks to the fact that great partnerships are required in order to help grow a brand from scratch. For now, just enjoy some of the nicest masterpieces and trend setters in the car industry…

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