Do YOU choose to STAY POOR?

In excitement of the actual release of our best selling eBook STAY POOR on the shelves of over 11,000 locations through the US, we have decided to take a moment and discuss the title of our book and the reasoning behind the title, rather than the book itself. We decided to name our book STAY POOR as a result of our observations of society as a whole and the constant theme that great minds think alike. We figured that many common trends exist among successful people but not in the sense of what they do but rather how they think as it all begins in your mind. A common theme across the board for our team as well as others out there was simply that successful people choose to be successful and drove their actions to mimic their thinking while others choose to STAY POOR.

Staying poor is a choice just like being successful is, although staying poor is just so much easier as it does not take much effort. In fact, it is much easier to remain in your comfort zone and do nothing different. So much easier that many people have adopted the poor mindset that closes their thinking to innovation, risk, and growth. Always remember to get where you want to go, you MUST do what you have never done before. Break the cycle and desert the comfort zone.

You see society gets consumed by fear everyday, fear that is driven by work, family, and media. This fear then spreads through all components of your life to further keep you from acting on anything that could fail. In other words, it simply robs you of your self confidence as it takes away that drive and energy you would have otherwise.

So how do you overcome this fear of failure? How do you take your life back on the path it was meant to go on?

Change often comes as a result of self realization, the realization that there is indeed something wrong and the courage to face that reality. Once reality is accepted, an alternative to it must be created to determine where you should really be if you were fearless and not so focused on being safe. Once this alternate reality is created, only the confidence to initiate it must be restored in your mind in order to achieve it.

As simple as this concept is, it is yet very complex. Therefore many are in need of a reminder that their life does not have to be one where they settled for what they wanted but rather one where their dreams were attained. Everyone has it in them to choose to succeed but many still choose to STAY POOR.

Unleash your mind & conquer your fear! Get the book that will change your thinking and allow you to change your future!