ADV1 + Wheel Boutique = Win

We often bring you business stories about ADV1 and their amazing rise to fame, but this month we are going back to basics to see some of the most epic projects to date that ADV1 and Wheel Boutique have put together. All of these amazing projects have gone viral and helped bring major awareness to the ADV1 brand as it was growing larger which speaks to the fact that great partnerships are required in order to help grow a brand from scratch. For now, just enjoy some of the nicest masterpieces and trend setters in the car industry…

The almighty SLS63 belongs to Ben, owner of Wheel boutique in Miami, which recently went viral on just about every car blog and community known to exist being the first SLS that ADV1 got their hands on.

This controversial F430 needs no introduction thanks to Jordan Swerdloff’s last company 360 Forged. Known for us low stance and aggressive fitting wheels, the rebirth was somewhat EPIC!

The California that redefined the word “California” and turned a girls car into a ride that guys would be proud to be seen in.

The Murcielago that launched the Trackspec line for ADV1. Light weight yet stunning designs made this a no brainer for track enthusiasts who want to look good.

All in all 4 projects that helped define what ADV1 and Wheel Boutique were all about. Make sure to keep an eye on Wheel Boutique for their upcoming projects and collaborations as we are sure that there is much more to come from them. Check out their Facebook Fan Page and make sure to call John over at Wheel Boutique for all your ADV1 needs.