12 Apps Earning Over $100,000

iphone app

When the Apple iPhone was released, developers rushed to create applications for the device in what could be considered a gold rush of the mobile era. Entrepreneurs like Klutch22 were able to see the opportunity that existed and that has now resulted in over 500,000+ apps available in the iTunes marketplace.  The difference that app development has against lots of other business ventures is the mass reach available through the millions of iPhone, iPod, and now iPad users. Let’s not forget about the Android market which has now surpassed the iPhone in market share. There are several ways to make money from apps whether it be from paid apps to free apps with ads but the reality remains that money can be made with the simplest ideas which we will show you with these 12 apps that gross well over $100,000.

iSteam – A $0.99 app developed by several 22 year olds that ‘fogs’ up the screen like after a hot shower and allows you to clear the glass by swiping it with your finger. After one month and millions of downloads, it had already cleared $100,000+.

iMockups – An app released for the iPad that was developed and designed for creative professionals who wished to create design mock ups and wire frames. In just four months it had broken pass the $100,000 barrier.

iShoot – The entrepreneur behind this was in a financial bind as medical bills were piling up but he used his programming skills to create a simple shooting game that has since cleared over $800,000 in the first five months. Success did not come easy though as he launched a $1.99 version first with little success and then later launched a free version that influenced buyers to upgrade.

iFart –As immature as this app may seem, thousands enjoy the hilarious sounds that are farts. With a simple yet ingenious idea, the entrepreneur behind this app launched it for $0.99 and was able to clear over $100,000 in just over two weeks. On Christmas day alone several years back, he was able to make $25,000 in a single day as he was at the top of the charts.

Trism – A game that’s a mix of Tetris and Bejeweled, this app sells a little on the high side for $5. Designed and developed by one guy, this app made over $250,000 in just two months.

Car Locator This app for the Android platform does as it’s name suggests. Initially for sale at $1.99, the developer increased it to $3.99 which did not result in a sharp decline in sales as he had imagined. The app was earning about $13,000 a month and on track to a six figure income.

Advanced Task Killer – A $1 app released for the Android that would end processes running in the background to free up memory. It was popular when it first came out and can still be seen in the top charts today. Surprisingly this developer earns more from ads than he does with the paid version but still clears well over $10,000 each month.

Beautiful Widgets By default the Android interface is not pretty at all. The idea behind this app was to release an app/widget that would display the weather & time in a sleek design all for just under $3. To date this has sold over 500,000 copies making the team of developers a healthy $1+ million.

Camera+ – The native camera apps in both the iPhone and Androids are pretty bare bones which leaves a lot of room for opportunity. The developers behind Camera+, a $0.99 iPhone app, wanted to create something that would mimic DSLR functionality within a phone. In just 4 months since inception and 2,000,000+ sales, the developers have grossed over $2 million from the app alone and another $100k+ from in-app purchases.

– At $4.99 this app is a bit more than Apple users are willing to spend compared to Android users as recent studies have shown, however, price alone has not stopped this PDF reading app from becoming successful. Within the first month the entrepreneur was able to make over $70,000 and has since earned well into the six figure mark.

Doodle Jump – When it comes to games Angry Birds may be king but there are hundreds of other apps that do just fine such as Doodle Jump, a simple game where the objective is to jump from one platform to another. The developer has now reached over 10,000,000 paid downloads for its $0.99 app and pulled in well over $4,000,000. Not too shabby huh?

Magic Piano – The iPad’s large screen allows for many uses, one of which may be a virtual piano as seen in the Magic Piano app. What do you get when you mix a viral video of a kitten playing with the Magic Piano app on an iPad? Almost 9 million views which surely has helped sales. Not sure on earnings but it has reached #3 on the top paid charts. You can do the math…

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