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Luxury Real Estate – Castello della Costa d’Oro

Luxury Real Estate - Castello della Costa d'Oro

The most impressive property we have ever featured on Secret Entourage is here. Featuring a vineyard, helipad, beach on over 80 acres and totaling over 11 bedrooms, this chateau leaves very little to imagination, except if we are talking about its $58,000,000 price tag. Check out the incredible photos of this masterpiece.

SR Auto Group – Head Office

SR Auto Group – Head Office

If you’ve been following Secret for even just a few months, you’ve noticed our posts about the killer vehicles coming out of the SR Auto Group shop in British Columbia. They are in the process of moving in to a brand new facility that they built to serve as their head office, showroom, and installation center. We took some time…

Luxury Real Estate – Empyr Living’s White Castle

Luxury Real Estate - Empyr Living's White Castle

Its not everyday we run into a real life white castle, but thanks to Empyr Living, today is that day. Featuring one of the classy properties ever featured on Secret Entourage. The all white Castle gets its well deserved name from its obvious all white color. Featuring some of the finest dark brown hardwood to break certain elements of the…

Luxury Real Estate – Malibu’s Affordable Glass House

Luxury Real Estate - Malibu's Affordable Glass House

Malibu’s most affordable homes is priced right under $4 million and it is a glass masterpiece built on over 11 acres, with magnificent views and believe it or not with a large amount of privacy.  Located at the end of a long driveway in the heart of Malibu’s wine country, this modern estate epitomizes the Southern California relaxed luxury lifestyle.

Luxury Real Estate – One Thousand Ocean

Luxury Real Estate - One Thousand Ocean

Boca Raton, Florida, home of Secret Entourage’s main office.  Full of sun, beautiful women, exotic cars, and of course amazing waterfront properties.  Boca Raton is also notorious for its amazing country club, especially the Boca Raton Resort where you will witness many of world’s finest enjoying their South Florida vacations.  Should you vacation regularly and want to enjoy the same…

Empyr Living – An SR Auto Group Brand

Empyr Living - An SR Auto Group Brand

SR Auto Group, a company famous for luxury living, has introduced one more element of Luxury Lifestyle to their brand.  Introducing Empyr Living, a brand about the finest luxury real estate available in Canada. It’s common that successful luxury lifestyle brands take over entire markets in their respective towns and SR is no exception. With brands like Prestige Rentals and…

Luxury Destinations – Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa

Luxury Destinations - Shangri-La's Villingili Resort & Spa

Peace and serenity are just a couple of the traits we look for in a perfect vacation and this can be found in one of today’s most amazing gateway destinations, the Islands of Maldives.  Located just south of the equator in the Indian Ocean, the Islands of Maldives is certainly one of today’s top luxury destinations.  With flights costing shy…