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10 Year Plan For Personal Development Goals

personal development goals

True Success is not achieved overnight…

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Home Business Ideas – Resume Editor

Last week we showed you how you can start a mobile food business and cook your way into a six figure business, and told you we would show you how you can increase your income by $30,000 or so part time per year working from home. Well we bring you now the ability to do so. You will have almost no start up costs and it wont cost you anything on the back end but it wont make you a millionaire. This new technique is just a good way for you to increase your side income.

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Scam of the Month – ViSalus Sciences

From Primerica selling bogus financial services to the sad miracle cure of MonaVie, it seems like everyone, everywhere has a great product to sell, and in most cases is so great that they require your help in selling it. The concept is simple and no different than every other MLM scam out there. You simply buy the product and sell it or help sell it directly for a chance to get rich as the product is simply flawless and undiscovered which makes it so much more valuable (or so you are told). The real problem however lies within people not believing a word of what you have to sell. How can this be? So many have claimed to make millions and now live free because of this and you somehow can’t sell anything?

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SR Auto Group – Project Eleanor

I am not usually a fan of older cars but I know some of our readers are. This particular car is probably the best looking older car I have yet to see. Now before everyone says that its a commercialized Mustang because of the “Eleanor” segment in Gone in 60 Seconds; it is not the reason… I simply think that the blend of new and old in this particular style is just done very well but more importantly it was done by my friends at SR Auto Group. Check out the crazy gallery of the hottest old school to roam the earth…

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Luxury Real Estate – Heaven Never Looked So Close

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one realizes that they have made it and that money no longer seems to be an issue to any degree. The feeling that one experiences during that time is unrivaled and incomparable to any other, but it is usually coupled with something that triggers it. This particular home must be that something…

Located near the Virgin Islands, it is the next best thing to owning your own island.

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Project Aston “Heaven” Phase 7

It looks like our Project Aston “Heaven” is coming to an end soon with only one more phase left. We’ve completed all of our wonderful mods from Velocity AP, The Vantage Collection and D2 Forged and the time has now come to test out what our car can do in terms of power. Now before we get into power numbers, let me remind our followers that the Aston Martin Vantage was built to be a great fun and sporty cruiser but was not meant to deliver insane amounts of power, contrary to our Gallardo project; as the car is much heavier and is running a naturally aspirated V8 vs the Gallardo’s race inspired V10.

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Home Business Ideas – Food Truck

Last week we brought you our first business idea which was to create a commercial cleaning business. This week we look at a different type of business, one that requires some cooking (nothing fancy, I promise) and your willingness to work from 11-3pm everyday. This business can reward you well into the six figures if you are good enough in making a few friends in the property management business and are good in customer service.

Simple enough? Read on…

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