10 Year Plan For Personal Development Goals

personal development goals

True Success is not achieved overnight…

Personal Development Goals

I often have discussions with young entrepreneurs who tell me that they once had a plan but it didn’t work, and that today they are looking for the next best thing. I ask them to tell me what it was that they failed at and how they went about it and they simply tell me they had a website, started a restaurant, bought a franchise or some other creative idea. All were good well thought out ideas from my understanding in business but yet they failed, and so being surprised I ask why? The answer is always the same and in my eyes very lame “It didn’t work in 3 years and I was better off working for others to make more money and work less hours.”

What’s wrong with this picture?

Where is the disconnect for people? Why would you spend 3 years of your life building something just to give up and say I can make more money elsewhere? Platinum Motorsports, Facebook, LoveSac, and hundreds of other multi million dollar companies were built over a 7-10 year period but you were going to miraculously make a million in less than 3 years?

This is the core of the issue with GenY, and the primary reason why even our smartest GenY folks fall for pyramid schemes, and simply don’t get anywhere in their jobs hopping around from one to another and never building a foundation, nor anything above it. It’s a lack of personal development goals but also called the instant gratification problem and it simply is the plague that dooms our future. Our parents were set up to fail by their parents who told them that the only way you can be successful is if you get a degree, and go work for someone else until you retire. Our parents are in most cases setting us up to fail as they are in disbelief that people can make millions of dollars creating innovative ideas and value for the world. There lies the real disconnect as we are striving to prove them wrong and try to show them that become an instant success story is very much possible. The main problem is that we go about it in all the wrong ways, and simply allow our arrogance to take over our strategic thinking, in other words we allow our dreams to cloud our logic.

Why would you expect the world to hand you a million dollars? Why do you know how to spend that money but haven’t figured out how you will earn it? What are your personal development goals?

These are all logical questions, but come back down to the core of belief. The cocky attitude that says if others did it, I can too. While it is great to set personal development goals, others were not followers and did not join a group to do it. In 99% of the real success stories out there, you will realize that the guys that really made a difference through an impact on society are not the ones that chased money or found a way to “get rich quick”, they are the ones that had ideas, created a convenience for people, changed people’s thinking but more importantly found a way to bring VALUE to the world. These innovators, entrepreneurs and businessmen were not looking for a million dollars; they were looking for something more, and in the making of that something more, they found the money that they deserved for their accomplishments.
Any business in this country with enough heart, thinking and logic can make it in 10 year or less but it is our determination, personal development goals, and tenacity that determines if we indeed can make that change for others as well as ourselves.

I leave you with a quote from a famous billionaire: “If your only goal in life is to make money, you will never be rich.”