Project Aston “Heaven” Phase 7

It looks like our Project Aston “Heaven” is coming to an end soon with only one more phase left. We’ve completed all of our wonderful mods from Velocity AP, The Vantage Collection and D2 Forged and the time has now come to test out what our car can do in terms of power. Now before we get into power numbers, let me remind our followers that the Aston Martin Vantage was built to be a great fun and sporty cruiser but was not meant to deliver insane amounts of power, contrary to our Gallardo project; as the car is much heavier and is running a naturally aspirated V8 vs the Gallardo’s race inspired V10.

Now when we first started the project, we tested out our base car and obtained a baseline of roughly 291 RWHP and 218 TRQ which was considered an average figure as most base model vantages dyno between 284-305 rear wheel HP. Our latest dyno shows a figure of 328 rear wheel HP and 251 TRQ at 7400 RPMs. This is roughly a 37RWHP and 43TRQ gain over stock with a 200 RPM increase in the redline. We do believe that there should have been a more significant gain should we have dynoed the car under colder conditions using the factory wheels rather than the much larger D2Forged wheels on the car now. We believe that the RSC power mods on the car are good for just about 50 LBS TRQ and 40 RWHP on any regular day, and feel that despite not making our car a rocket ship, it has significantly helped the horsepower, torque and throttle response.

Overall we were pleased with the results as the cost for the power pack was right under $7500 and therefore made for a bargain $187 per HP. Most would say that $187 per HP seems high but in the exotic car performance market, it is actually on the low side. Make sure to check out Velocity AP’s Power PackĀ  for your Vantage but also make sure to check out their entire line of performance parts for your Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche at affordable prices.