Home Business Ideas – Food Truck

Last week we brought you our first business idea which was to create a commercial cleaning business. This week we look at a different type of business, one that requires some cooking (nothing fancy, I promise) and your willingness to work from 11-3pm everyday. This business can reward you well into the six figures if you are good enough in making a few friends in the property management business and are good in customer service.

Simple enough? Read on…

Start a Mobile Lunch Business

Initial Cost: Less than $10000

Secondary Costs: Insurance, licensing, needed maintenance, printing menus

Potential First Year Income: $80,000-$130,000

Dollar earned per customer: $8

Main form of Advertisement: Direct contact with commercial property managers, major corporations and major construction companies.

What the job entails:

You purchase a mobile food truck and sell sandwiches, wraps, cookies, sodas and other food items outside in parking lots in front of major corporate buildings, construction zones and shopping malls where there is no food. You need to check which buildings don’t have cafeterias and yet have lots of tenants. Then offer to provide this service as going out of the building will mean people will be late coming back to work. This service will not only provide convenience and an added benefit for tenants but it will also help sell at good prices for you as there are not many options out there for food. You just need to make sure you carry good and fresh products that are healthy in a sense so everyone feels like there is a choice for them.

How will you be successful:

Make sure to have an extensive but cost effective menu so that you can cook most of the cold food at home prior to getting in your truck and therefore make it real easy and quick for your customers. Carry cookies, sodas, and candy as those are very cost effective and cheap to purchase in bulk but can be sold for$1-$2 when it really cost you pennies. Find 2-3 locations that you can cycle daily and set specific times at which you will come by. Create different menus for your different locations indicating the time at which you will be there will be vital to your success and make sure to have different food choices based on location and customer base.

The secret to success:

The main factor that differentiates those that make it VS those that don’t is simply the effort and thinking put forth in the project itself. The food itself will make you money but its the extras and the careful selection of what to display that will get you the real money over time. An example of a meal would be a cold italian wrap, a soda and cookie for $7, while the cost was less than $2 for you. This combination is great for your corporate building but perhaps hot dogs and hamburgers are better for the construction site. Taking the time to analyze what will work in each location will give you the competitive edge over others while making sure your station is clean, food fresh and service great will be your secret to success.

Join me next week when I unveil how you can make $30,000 per year of side money just reading 1 hour a day…