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Last week we showed you how you can start a mobile food business and cook your way into a six figure business, and told you we would show you how you can increase your income by $30,000 or so part time per year working from home. Well we bring you now the ability to do so. You will have almost no start up costs and it wont cost you anything on the back end but it wont make you a millionaire. This new technique is just a good way for you to increase your side income.

Start a Resume Editing / Making Business

Initial Cost: Less than $100

Secondary Costs: None

Potential First Year Income: $20+ hour

Dollar earned per job: $10-$20

Main form of Advertisement: Monster.com, Craigslist, Carreerbuilder.com, or other job related websites.

What do you do and What can you do:

You offer resume services to anyone that needs or could use help. You find people that have bad resumes, and offer to deliver them an improved version for $10. You can also create one for somebody for $20. Making it easy for others to have professional resumes that enable them to acquire jobs instead of being overlooked for having a poor presentation of themselves. You can even offer people interviewing consulting for cheap prices like $25-30 per hour.

How will you be successful:

Seeing the near 2 digit unemployment rate, and the quality of the resumes out there, you should have no problem attaining clients going through websites that offer jobs and allow user interactions such as posting resumes. Scan through those websites and potentially sign up when it makes sense and offer your services. In due time potentially expand with a website and other venues like helping people with consulting.

The Secret to Success:

Its fairly easy but the most tenacious will win, using Facebook as free marketing leverage and channels like Monster.com, Craigslist and other websites everyday will help you. The most difficult task will be to get your first few clients but do not forget to ask them for 5 referrals each in order to grow your immediate network of needing people. Do not be surprised if you get so much requests that you need to increase your prices. There are quite a bit of people unemployed and they would love to spend $10 if it helps them, and in all honesty they should.

Join us next week as we show you how you can run people’s errands and get paid…