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2009 Lamborghini LP550 – 2

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Consistency In Life

Successful people are simply those with successful habits.

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Tips for Buying an Exotic Car

There comes a time in every man’s life where he is faced with some tough choices: Ferrari or Lamborghini? When that time comes, we look back at our first car buying experience where all you had to do was walk in a dealership and simply pick your car, negotiate your loan rate and walk out with a car and more debt.

Well long gone are those days.

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We Upgrade to a Lamborghini Gallardo!

Silver Lamborghini Gallardo

After having displayed our Porsche love for a few years, we have decided to change up our game. We enjoyed every minute of our wonderful Porsche 911 turbo GT650 and had many great moments that we shared with all of you. That was the past and this is now. Introducing our new Lamborghini Gallardo, loaded with options and speed, this extremely beautiful machine is more than just looks.

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Inspirational Quote From Michael Jordan

The Truth About Bank Stocks

Banking stocks

We recently took a look at Banking stocks such as Citi Bank, Bank of America and some of the other giant banks out there and decided they were worth watching. Those stocks are now lower than they have ever been and seem like a great opportunity. The only downfall however remains that we are not the only ones watching and the only one hoping for a big gain. This is now becoming more of a danger than a calculated risk.

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What A Trillion Dollars Looks Like

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