Consistency In Life

Successful people are simply those with successful habits.

That you think of work, life, relationships or simply your everyday routines, consistency is a habit that can come in handy. Those with the most consistency are those that succeed faster than others and achieve more in less time.

Think back of your last day at work, you spend about 8 to 10 hours there but did you really do 8 to 10 hours worth of quality work? Most likely not, and it is normal as most people will tell you that they work at a 40-60% pace. Assuming you want nothing more in life than anything you have now, this might be OK, but if you are like me and simply want more no matter what, then listen up.

We often believe we are above what we do at work, we usually think it is too easy and deserve a promotion, and yet still don’t work at 100% despite the fact that the task is indeed easy as we find no real value. The average human being will not see value if not compensated in a monetary way. There lies opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the typical boring loser crew of people who see no real value in doing anything unless given money for it.  You cannot always outsmart your competition as there are always those that are smarter, but you sure can outwork them. There is no better way to outwork your competition than by being consistent in your delivery of positive and productive habits daily.

Why be so good?

Well the rewards are the ones you can’t see in this case, they are the simple things that will propel you ahead when others have a negative outlook on life and give themselves the excuses as to why it is OK to stay where they are. Remember that sometimes, certain steps we take in life are simply step stones to where we want to go. The road ahead is not always easy and successes are not point A to point B, but rather A to Z, and consider every letter in between stepping stones to your ultimate goal. You choose what Z means to you and don’t stop till you reach it.

Stay cautious as we often look for Z and do not deliver consistency in our habits and therefore never reach our goals. Instead we keep our goals at a distance if we cannot find equilibrium in our actions. You find balance through consistency in your the 4 areas we discussed in our previous article about the foundation of your life. The daily actions that enable you to build such a foundation are the same habits you need to carry past the actual foundation and into your future.