The Foundation of Life

The foundation of your future is based from the beliefs and decisions you make today. Take charge of your life and make things happen.

We often look at the future and dream about what we are going to have down the road or where we want to get financially, we often dream of financial freedom and the benefits of being worry free but do we often think about the foundation of our life and if the structure is strong enough to sustain our dreams.

When we look at our lives what are the elements we look at to determine if we are on the right path? There are many aspects of life that we can analyze but not many that will impact our foundation. The foundation of your life is simply determined by the tools you will need to become successful regardless of what success is to you. Everyone’s foundation will be different but will share common traits. The most common traits that you will need to evaluate will be your basic ones such as Money, Education, Entourage and Drive.

Money: Not determined by the amount you have but your understanding of it and your ability to make it. Do you truly understand the value of it, what you can choose to spend it on and the importance of saving. Do you understand what your options are for making money. Do you have multiple sources of income or are you dependent on corporate America for a salary. These are all questions that need to be answered honestly by you. Your foundation if strong should have multiple sources of income, 20% of your money going to your savings and a perfect balance of cash and credit.

Education: Most folks will tell you that education is about college and that schools is a mandatory prerequisite to success and I will be the first to tell you that its not. Education is extremely important but has nothing to do with college, it has to do with your ability. I will emphasize that education comes from your desire to learn and that you need to learn as much as you can on just about anything. That said, I do not believe that spending 4 years in a university taking science classes and learning all about trigonometry is going to help you become wealthy. Your goal should be to be the most proficient speaker and writer and should also include your ability to understand the basic fundamentals of life throughout math and science, but more importantly your education should be the learning of common sense and street smarts. Do not under estimate the importance of common sense and the power it will hold to help you get to where you need to get.

Entourage: We previously discussed the importance of your friends and those that hang around you, the power of a common vision amongst friends and family and the energy that is created from common positive outlook can significantly help with the growth of your foundation. Try to re-evaluate your friendships and look at the life outlook your friends have. Does it match yours? What value do they bring to your life?

Drive: Most people believe they are driven to succeed but are you really as driven as you think? What have you or are you willing to sacrifice for success? Are you moving forward as fast as you think? The reality remains that we often set our eyes on the prize and believe that our motivation and drive is solely based on on the desire to attain an item but in reality, you need to understand the true value of your desire and what success really means to you to determine the effort you are putting forth.

When pursuing your life, dreams and desires, simply take a minute to rethink your strategy and re-evaluate where you really are. One good look may be enough to remind you that you need to work harder to get there faster.