Use Negativity to Fund Your Growth

I am confident we have all experienced negativity…

Negativity is the force that drives my success as it reminds me exactly of who I never want to become and I work harder to get away from that person everyday, with the hopes that one day it will not only disappear entirely from my dictionary but also from those of my family’s and friends.

The world has problems and so do your friends and family, the real problem however does not lie in the situation but rather in their attitude towards it. They are full of excuses for why things are not working, are not meant to work, are not good to try and give themselves just about any reason to not live through solutions but rather nag about problems.

This pattern of negativity simply follows them everywhere…it seems that misery loves company and that excuses become second nature to them, even when presented with huge opportunities that present themselves but once in a lifetime. This goes back to my previous articles about “comfort zone”

You cant always choose your family, but you can surround yourself with the right friends, you can’t always control who you befriend or try to help, but you can choose to let go and move on to positive circumstances. You are not the negativity, you are simply in a world filled with negative media and people and must find a way to detach yourself from it and essentially use it to fund your future.

Do not get discouraged, do not give up, simply choose as sometimes people must believe in their own abilities before change happens and in some cases you must understand that not all people share the vision of life you share and understand the enthusiasm of life, simply understand that your point of view and attitude are your secret weapons and will lead you to success.