We Upgrade to a Lamborghini Gallardo!

Silver Lamborghini Gallardo

After having displayed our Porsche love for a few years, we have decided to change up our game. We enjoyed every minute of our wonderful Porsche 911 turbo GT650 and had many great moments that we shared with all of you. That was the past and this is now. Introducing our new Lamborghini Gallardo, loaded with options and speed, this extremely beautiful machine is more than just looks.

Our Lamborghini Gallardo has a 6 speed gated transmission,  which is traditional and much more practical than the infamous E-Gear, known to wear out every 12,000 miles. We also got the Clear Engine Bonnet (pictured below) and a state of the art Kenwood head unit out of the Lamborghini LP640. It also has a built in rear view camera. The car has also been tinted and has a clear bra kit on almost every panel, a very wise choice for such a low car.

Gallardo clear engine bonnet

We picked a silver Lamborghini Gallardo with black and silver two tone interior and yellow calipers due to the modding potential of the color combination. The silver is much nicer in person as it creates a pearl effect and the interior also looks very clean as the grey interior is accented with black stitching and black underside and carpet. The yellow calipers on the other hand compliment the silver well as it breaks from the ordinary contrast of the car. Most Silver Gallardo’s come with black or silver brakes.

Silver Lamborghini Gallardo

We will be starting this project around October and will bring you coverage of all the changes to the exterior, interior and wheels and engine. Here is an idea of the changes coming.

We will start with the following Exterior Modifications:

Interior mods will be next:

Engine mods will include:

Look for the updates as the fall months arrive and check out our flickr for recent photoshoots! http://www.flickr.com/photos/secretconsulting/

Silver Lamborghini Gallardo