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Moving Forward…

We all know “resistance” can hold us back for quite some time and make it difficult for us to just move forward.  We encounter all types of objections and obstacles in our quest for success and often dwell on how to fix certain issues and overcome certain obstacles.  But is it possible that we spend too much time worrying about certain elements when we could just in fact move forward? Continue Reading


PUR Wheels x SR Auto Group – Checkmate!

When Lamborghini released the Reventon, we had a feeling it was foreshadowing the design of the Murcielago replacement.  The Stealth-Bomber inspired lines and futuristic gauge cluster, among other features, piqued our interest and kept us waiting for a more affordable version.

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Brand Positioning 101 – Trade

By now you’ve likely gotten word of Apple’s Q1-2012 earnings call, where the company announced that it has nearly doubled its profits and exceeded even the most aggressive of expectations.  During the call, Apple’s Chief Executive, Tim Cook fielded an analyst’s inquiry to see if Apple would follow the path of Microsoft’s forthcoming addition to the Windows® operating system family. Continue Reading

Motivation 101 – It Isn’t My Fight

It is much easier to sit back and do nothing rather than to get involved.  This could hold true for a lot of things around us. From politics to foreign policy, today’s problems just seem too large or too complex for any one person to fix, therefore those problems are easier to ignore rather than to try and fix them.

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Project 911 “Pegasus” – ADV1 vs. Forgestar

Let the showdown begin! Our Project 911 C4S “Pegasus” is in need of a matte white wrap job for next month, but as of now we are undecided as to which wheels to wear when it gets out of the garage.  We will let you decide which it should wear once its matte! Continue Reading

Farnoosh Torabi – Psych Yourself Rich Review

Some love money or hate it, fear it or worship it; nevertheless money can never be ignored. In Psych Yourself Rich, author Farnoosh Torabi explores the emotions, mindset, and discipline behind building a solid financial future and showcases how taking control of your attitute towards money, can help you assert yourself to meet your financial goals.

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European Delivery

Make no mistake about it, purchasing a brand new car is an exciting and special experience, especially if it is your first time choosing the vehicle, color combo, options, and accessories to your liking.  Purchasing a European car generally means there is a wealth of options available to you to suit your driving needs, though there is one option that is rarely discussed, yet has plenty to offer, and that is the various European Delivery programs. Continue Reading

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