Motivation 101 – It Isn’t My Fight

It is much easier to sit back and do nothing rather than to get involved.  This could hold true for a lot of things around us. From politics to foreign policy, today’s problems just seem too large or too complex for any one person to fix, therefore those problems are easier to ignore rather than to try and fix them.

Today’s society is by far one of the most selfish to date as each person focuses most of their time on themselves and what pertains to their immediate needs.  At the same time they never look  outside of their own bubble or anticipate anything for the far future, which ultimately means as a society, we are always 10 steps behind and only tackle on issues after they have already destroyed or made our life difficult.

This proved especially true during the 2008 elections which were lead by Obama under the theme of “change.”  Many could argue that the 2004 elections held much stronger candidates that could have taken this country even further than Obama, as it wasn’t in as bad of a shape as it was in 2008.  However, no one previously had reacted allowing 4 more years of stupid foreign policy, limitless spending, and more losses for our society.

It was only after people started feeling the pinch that they decided to react by choosing to vote rather than ignore the elections and unfortunately this pattern follows again today.

We could spend hours talking politics but it is well beyond the point and irrelevant to our message today.  The same mindset above is often represented in all we do, from our daily choices to our work routines, we spend most of our time worried about ourselves and what change we need to apply or which problems are the ones affecting us, but never really stop to think how our actions (or lack of) really affect others.  It is often easier to be self-focused rather than to worry about others and it is often true that others will not care either, so why should we?

We always like to say that one person cannot change the world but we certainly believe that one person can initiate the change this world needs for others to follow and no longer be afraid.  It always takes that one person to raise their hand so others follow and do the same, and that one person needs to start becoming YOU.  Its simply a good habit to acquire and practice now, so that you can apply your ability to look at things from an alternate angle better and certainly pro actively fight for the problems of tomorrow today so that your children, friends, and family don’t have to be impacted by your lack of actions but also because their unwillingness to act will change once they see the actions of those around them.

If something is at the forefront of your mind, it is likely that you will share it with others or talk about it and form opinions about it, meaning you will know which way to act or react rather than not be involved.   As long as you choose to remain a silent passenger during the drive that life takes you on, you simply will be driven wherever others want you to go and ultimately will never earn your own place in society.

If you are so concerned about wars ending, gas prices rising, and feel the need to complain daily of the stupidities that go on each and everyday around you, then why are you not aware of who the presidential candidates are and what it will mean for them to take office?

Either act now and take control today or forever hold your peace tomorrow and suffer the consequences of your lack of actions.