European Delivery

Make no mistake about it, purchasing a brand new car is an exciting and special experience, especially if it is your first time choosing the vehicle, color combo, options, and accessories to your liking.  Purchasing a European car generally means there is a wealth of options available to you to suit your driving needs, though there is one option that is rarely discussed, yet has plenty to offer, and that is the various European Delivery programs.

Many German and Swedish manufacturers offer European delivery programs where you can fly out to the manufacturer, drive your new car all around Europe, and fly back home while the manufacturer ships your car to your local dealership.

Audi, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and BMW all have European delivery programs available.  Packages include around two weeks of European road insurance, as well as numerous excursion packages to suit your liking, therefore, you will have plenty of time to get acquainted with your new vehicle.

Here’s what to expect if you are purchasing an Audi and would like the European delivery:

1) you will fly into Munich and their chauffeur service will escort you to your complimentary four or five star night in Ingolstadt;

2) the next day, you will be taken to the Audi customer service center;

3) the rest of the story is yours to create.  One, two, and three-day outings are available through the Audi Driving Experience, but you are also welcomed to explore Europe on your own.

BMW offers five different “Adventure Packages” suited to the differing tastes of those looking to explore Europe.  Of course, you are welcomed to simply pick up your car at the renowned BMW Welt, hit the autobahn, and return it to be sent home when you are finished.

Mercedes-Benz, not to be outdone, offers a 7% discount on eligible vehicles for European delivery.  Your MB USA concierge will escort you to Stuttgart where you will enjoy a one night complimentary stay at a luxurious hotel.  From there, you may choose from one of four packages (including a Black Alps Rally Package), or explore on your own.  Drop your vehicle at any one of eleven European cities available from Mercedes-Benz when you’re finished for maximum trip flexibility.

Want a professional photoshoot of your new car in Europe?  Porsche offers schedule photo sessions at the grounds of either the Zuffenhausen or Leipzig factory when picking up your new car.  Both locations include a factory tour, but each offers it’s own special perk.  The Zuffenhausen location includes a tour of the just renovated Porsche Museum.  The adrenaline junkie can take their new car onto the test track of off-road the Cayenne if they select to pick up their vehicle in Leipzig.

Whatever your preference is, if you have the opportunity, let’s just say there is likely a European delivery program to fit your style.  We’d love to take a 911 into Switzerland to drive the San Bernardino Pass.  What would you do?