Moving Forward…

We all know “resistance” can hold us back for quite some time and make it difficult for us to just move forward.  We encounter all types of objections and obstacles in our quest for success and often dwell on how to fix certain issues and overcome certain obstacles.  But is it possible that we spend too much time worrying about certain elements when we could just in fact move forward?

Secret Entourage coaches many entrepreneurs who all share a very similar and successful mindset, however, many face the same issue: they all dwell on what they cannot change or even spend too much time over-thinking the obstacles life sends their way.

It is very easy for us entrepreneurs to get stuck on our emotions and how we feel about a particular issue.  It is very easy to sit there and forget how long we have allowed a small incident to keep us from the bigger picture.  It is no different than in real life when we are faced with our fears of letting go of things we never really figured out.  We are problem solvers, creators, and individuals who do not like the idea of not having the answer, as ultimately solutions are what we seek.   However, do we sometimes not see that our inability to move forward is what keeps us from actually finding the solutions we seek?

We often worry about trying to make things work as perfect as can be, that we actually sit there and procrastinate to actually doing anything at all.  We always imagine things in our heads over and over again and analyze the simplicity behind the idea to the point that resistance keeps us from bringing that idea to life.

As successful individuals, we must learn to let go of the fear of getting things right and perfect from the start.  We must begin by taking chances and simply follow the plan and allow the momentum we create to carry our ideas into completion and our actions into reactions.  We must allow this momentum of moving forward with actions to create the reactions we never imagined, which now being part of the equation, makes it easier for us to see the solutions we once missed and spend so much time on.

Having the capacity to understand when to move forward is an important trait to master as an entrepreneur.  Knowing how to allow your actions to create new solutions is part of the process and must be understood.  Often too many times, entrepreneurs see their ideas become other people’s execution because they spend so much time at the drawing board wondering again and again how perfect an execution should be.  There is no set road map to perfect execution, and 99% of all cases of great success is lead by that map which was defined by continuous trial and error.  That map is now the new road map to execution for that person but will never be seen, understood, or used by others as all projects, all businesses, and all circumstances never align twice in the same sense.

Since trial and error is nothing different from falling and standing back up, it is ultimately the one who can get back up the fastest, who eventually doesn’t fall at all.

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