Project 911 “Pegasus” – ADV1 vs. Forgestar

Let the showdown begin! Our Project 911 C4S “Pegasus” is in need of a matte white wrap job for next month, but as of now we are undecided as to which wheels to wear when it gets out of the garage.  We will let you decide which it should wear once its matte!

In phase 1 we presented you some of the finest ADV1 wheels we had put on any of our project cars.  The ADV7 3-piece max concave wheels looked perfect on our 911 Project “Pegasus” and truly gave it the look that people on the street called “the perfect fit”.  The ADV1 wheels were made with brushed centers, polished lips and windows giving the car that extra sharp luxury look.

In Phase 2, we took it to whole different level by dropping our car on some gold Forgestar F14 Monoblock wheels with an extra wide rear end and 20” sizing.  We wanted to make our project car lighter but a bit flashier than before.  We went with gold and the result was striking.  Creating an entirely different car than before and taking away the baller look for a much more toyish track look.

Which one do you prefer?