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Maybe Make Money Without a Job!


Since the recession has been over, the recovery has been slow and unemployment has not really been getting better. That’s why we continue to bring you various ways you can make money without a job. Many of our readers have emailed us asking us to provide ways they can make money without spending any money. It is quite difficult to make money without spending any money but it is possible and we are bringing you one of those ways today. The one thing to remember before we start is that when making money without spending money, there is really no growth other than making some money… Continue Reading


Matte Black Carrera GT

Matte Black carrera GT

We brought you Webb Bland’s Success Story last month and introduced you to some of the finest automotive photography found anywhere. Fortunately for us, Webb Bland continues to deliver with each and every shoot. This latest photo shoot of the Matte Black Carrera GT is nothing less than spectacular. The Carrera GT is one of our favorite cars of all time, even though it costs nearly $10,000 in maintenance for every 3000 miles you drive it. The all mighty aluminum V10 found as the center of the beast’s heart makes her even more appealing to exotic owners everywhere, and the limited production allows the Carrera GT to retain its value fairly well. But is it really worth the price tag?

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Kim Kardashian’s BeBe Line by SE

Kim Kardashian bebe clothing line

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to fame, having one of the most watched TV shows in America “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, over 15 Million web pages dedicated to her on Google, and now her own clothing line. Secret Entourage doesn’t usually cover any fashion shoots, as it just not our thing but again any opportunity to bring you hot models is a different story. We called on two recent models, Jessica and Hannah from our DC casting call to showcase their talent while showcasing the new BeBe line straight out of Kim’s closet.

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Exotic Car Buying Guide

yellow lp640 wallpaper

Many of us grow to be successful and have the pleasure of buying exotic cars like Ferrari, Aston martin and Lamborghini, but we as entrepreneurs have learned to manage our money properly and usually have enough common sense to not buy our toys brand new but rather used. This way we protect ourselves from high taxes, insurance and depreciation; and allow ourselves to enjoy these vehicles without putting ourselves in financial risk. There are obstacles that come our way when it comes to finding the right car and many factors come to play; from the exotic car’s history to its internal condition. It can be a dream or can become quite a harsh nightmare if not researched properly.

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2011 Bentley SuperSport Convertible…WOW!!!

bentley continental super sports convertible

We originally featured the Bentley Continental SS Coupe when it first debut in Geneva and simply could not get enough of its power and beauty which we felt was unrivaled.  Just as we thought the $250,000 was worth every penny, we found now that it no longer is and that you might want to consider spending $300,000 instead for this mesmerizing convertible version. Using Bio Fuel Technology which is now called “Flex Fuel” by Bentley, the car still produces 630 BHP and retains its amazing beauty and craftsmanship all around but allows you to let the world know who is driving the newest Bentley SS, which has to be worth the $50,000 premium over the Bentley SS Coupe.

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Undercover Boss: Reverse Your Pyramid!

Are you an Undercover Boss? Continue Reading

Are you a Leader?

Many argue that being a good leader is a skill that people are born with and not taught; other say that experience is the drive for good leadership, but what about desire? Continue Reading

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