Maybe Make Money Without a Job!


Since the recession has been over, the recovery has been slow and unemployment has not really been getting better. That’s why we continue to bring you various ways you can make money without a job. Many of our readers have emailed us asking us to provide ways they can make money without spending any money. It is quite difficult to make money without spending any money but it is possible and we are bringing you one of those ways today. The one thing to remember before we start is that when making money without spending money, there is really no growth other than making some money…

This month we are discussing the taboo subject of online surveys and if they really work. For the past month, Secret Entourage has been doing some research on the various online survey companies and if they really pay out. Most of you have already heard about online surveys and others may have also tried it, and in most cases have gotten burned by some monthly fee that lead nowhere.  The reality is that there are so many companies out there, and that they are so many different ways for you to go about signing up that most people give up or simply don’t believe it.

Can you really make money?

Yes you can, although it is not going to make you near what the advertised amounts on most sites are. The average you will earn is $1-$2 per hour, which is very small and in some cases meaningless. The advertised amounts are $30-$40 per survey on most sites but unfortunately those surveys seem to never be available. Instead only the smaller and cheaper ones seem to always be there ready for you to take. Those survey only earn cents or a few dollars, and in some cases are very time consuming, up to 2 hours at a time.

How to select the survey company?

First off, make sure to ignore the Spam or advertisement regrading doing online surveys, those are mainly the websites wanting  you to pay money and then earn much less than your membership costs. There are some basic steps you can take to get to understand the company you are about to embark with.

  • You can Google/Yahoo them and read about other experiences with that company.
  • Make sure to never pay to use the service.
  • Always locate the survey websites that do not require membership fees.
  • Check the length of time the site or business has been running.

Is it Borderline Scam?

Yes, but it doesn’t mean all companies are a scam. It simply is on the borderline because too many fake companies are out there scamming people by asking for membership fees and promising returns that simply don’t exist. Similar to the Primerica story we did, it is often hard work that doesn’t lead to great returns but rather minimal returns that could be doubled elsewhere.

Should you do it?

We don’t recommend it, unless you really have no money whatsoever and are stuck into your own home with nothing more than a computer. There are many other ways to make money without a job that we posted previously which should be a better fit but in case you simply have no money left to your name and want to earn something, no matter how minimal then finding a Free Online survey company should be an OK alternative, but by no means do i recommend you waste your time.

If you have tried and it and it has or hasn’t worked, please share with our readers what your thoughts and experiences were.

Till next time…