2011 Bentley SuperSport Convertible…WOW!!!

bentley continental super sports convertible

We originally featured the Bentley Continental SS Coupe when it first debut in Geneva and simply could not get enough of its power and beauty which we felt was unrivaled.  Just as we thought the $250,000 was worth every penny, we found now that it no longer is and that you might want to consider spending $300,000 instead for this mesmerizing convertible version. Using Bio Fuel Technology which is now called “Flex Fuel” by Bentley, the car still produces 630 BHP and retains its amazing beauty and craftsmanship all around but allows you to let the world know who is driving the newest Bentley SS, which has to be worth the $50,000 premium over the Bentley SS Coupe.

bentley continental super sports convertible

With a revised transmission, 40/60 Torque split, a new AWD system, 6 new colors, better wheels, alcantara, soft grip leather and carbon fiber galore the Bentley Super Sports Convertible is not going to disappoint, even the most discerning buyers and drivers will find themselves in heaven.

The car is priced relatively high for an exotic but we anticipate pries to drop fast as with every other Bentley out there, I wouldn’t expect to see a drop in a few months, but a 50% drop in 3 years is very likely especially as warranties run out and the mileage starts going up, but the car will remain more exclusive as it will be limited in production similar to the Super Sport Coupe which was released in 2009.

bentley continental super sports convertible

Flex Fuel Technology now on all 2011 Bentley Continental (From the Press Release)

FlexFuel technology, pioneered on the Continental Supersports Coupé in 2009, is now extended to the complete 2011 Continental range, including the new Supersports Convertible. The W12 6-litre power unit now has the technology to run on petrol, E85 bioethanol or any mix of these two fuels – all from a single tank.Bioethanol is blended with petrol in a variety of percentages ranging from E10 (10 per cent bioethanol) to the most widely known, E85, a ratio of 85% bioethanol to 15 per cent petrol to ensure cold-start capability.

Bioethanol presents other unique engineering challenges compared with petrol, due to its chemical composition and characteristics. E85 biofuel has a very high octane rating of 105 but a lower energy content that requires a 30 per cent increase in the engine fuel flow rate. This necessitated a complete review of the fuel system to identify and, if required, replace components deemed to be insufficiently resistant to the properties of ethanol.

Increased fuel flow is achieved through a returnless fuel system, twin variable flow fuel pumps and a new closed loop fuel rail design with pressure sensor. For the fuel system all O-rings, seals, gaskets and pipes are new while new valve coatings and hardened valve seat material provide additional lubrication. New spark plugs with a wider heat range allow for slower combustion. A sensor in the fuel supply system detects the blending ratio in real time and varies the engine mapping to ensure power, torque and emissions remain at the same levels whatever fuel is used.

FlexFuel offers the possibility of up to a 70 per cent reduction in CO2 net emissions on a ’well to wheel’ basis, calculated by adding the CO2 emitted during the extraction and refining process (the ’well’) with the CO2 released when the fuel is burnt during motoring (the ’wheel’). Biofuels can be sourced from sugar cane or soyabean, or from “2nd generation” sources such as agricultural waste and forestry residues. As biofuels are not derived from fossil fuels, the CO2 released during combustion is reabsorbed by plants during the photosynthesis process, thus creating an unbroken energy cycle.
Enhanced choice for all Continental customers

In addition to the transition to all-FlexFuel engines, the Continental range receives a host of new exterior and interior specification enhancements for the 2011 models, which emphasise the unparalleled craftsmanship and materials that are used to create the exquisite interiors for which Bentley is renowned.

Six new colours are added to the Bentley colour palette (Citric, White Satin, Kingfisher, Magenta, Orange Flame and St James Red Pearl) and the Dark Grey Metallic Hood that is available on the new Supersports Convertible is also available on the Continental GTC models.

Traditional Bentley features such as seat piping and stitching options can be applied to the rich leather hides that are used to trim the cabins of every Continental. These include highly intricate fine line, cross and Z-stitching to decorate the seats, door panels and front console. A new Premium Pack for the four-door Flying Spur is available as a cost option and includes beautiful veneered picnic tables with vanity mirrors, a Mulliner ’jewelled’ alloy fuel filler cap and chrome inlay strips to the door waistrails. Customers can also choose from lambswool rugs or deep pile carpet mats with leather hide binding to the edges.

Convenience Packs are available for both the Continental GT, Continental GTC, Flying Spur and Flying Spur Speed models. On the GT and GTC models this includes Adaptive Cruise Control with ’Follow to Stop’ feature, an iPod™ interface linked to the Infotainment system, massage function to the front seats, a front privacy telephone handset, rear-view camera and Valet key. For Flying Spur models, the Convenience Pack also includes an additional rear privacy handset. The massage function for the front seats is already standard on this model.

bentley continental super sports convertible

The new Bentley Super Sport Convertible is one of the most beautiful cars we have laid our eyes on and seriously will be keeping an eye on this car as we might add one to our Entourage of cars once prices fall to a degree. We do believe the Bentley SS to be one amazing blend of grace, power, beauty and elegance like none other.