Matte Black Carrera GT

Matte Black carrera GT

We brought you Webb Bland’s Success Story last month and introduced you to some of the finest automotive photography found anywhere. Fortunately for us, Webb Bland continues to deliver with each and every shoot. This latest photo shoot of the Matte Black Carrera GT is nothing less than spectacular. The Carrera GT is one of our favorite cars of all time, even though it costs nearly $10,000 in maintenance for every 3000 miles you drive it. The all mighty aluminum V10 found as the center of the beast’s heart makes her even more appealing to exotic owners everywhere, and the limited production allows the Carrera GT to retain its value fairly well. But is it really worth the price tag?

Matte Black carrera GT

Priced right under $500,000, the Carrera GT is not cheap but is quite affordable compared to its $1 Million dollar rival the Ferrari Enzo. Producing over 600 HP and 420 Trq from a 5.7 Liter aluminum V10, the Carrera GT reaches 60 mph in less than 4 seconds and tops 200 mph without a problem.

carrera gt interior

The interior of the Carrera GT is all business and set up to deliver one incredible experience every time you put your hand on that 6 speed shifter which is floating in the middle of the car, creating the perfect shifting position. The seats are made of dry carbon fiber and similar to those found in the European 996 Porsche GT2.

matte Black carrera GT

The exterior is second to none and looks quite a bit different from any other Porsche found roaming the streets, it distinguishes itself as a supercar with its looks, performance, handling and price but does not forget the fact that it wears a very reliable Porsche badge meaning as long as you do the basic maintenance which isn’t cheap, you will enjoy a worry free journey.

Matte black carrera GT rolling

Many tuners like Gemballa have already taken the stock car and made it into the monster it was meant to be, releasing over 1000HP from the motor and super aggressive styling that redefines the word “exotic”.  Gemballa calls it the Mirage and expect to find one once in a while on Ebay selling for over $1 million dollars. As far as the Carrera GT itself, well you can buy a used one for right around $300,000 if you can find it, making it the best bargain super exotic ever!

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