Kim Kardashian’s BeBe Line by SE

Kim Kardashian bebe clothing line

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to fame, having one of the most watched TV shows in America “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, over 15 Million web pages dedicated to her on Google, and now her own clothing line. Secret Entourage doesn’t usually cover any fashion shoots, as it just not our thing but again any opportunity to bring you hot models is a different story. We called on two recent models, Jessica and Hannah from our DC casting call to showcase their talent while showcasing the new BeBe line straight out of Kim’s closet.

Kim Kardashian bebe clothing line

For this particular shoot, we teamed up with BeBe of Tyson’s corner to bring you the latest Kardashian clothing line, along with a unique location and our hot two newcomer models. Bebe of Tysons corner is one of the hottest clothing stores around and truly has a unique chic/modern look that made it ideal for our shoot. Enjoy these pictures and expect to see Jessica in our model of the month feature very soon but make sure to check out the Kardashian clothing line at BeBe of Tyson’s corner before its sold out.

Kim Kardashian bebe clothing line

_bebe of tysons corner

Enjoy the Gallery!


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