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Secret Model – Katie

secretary model

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Millionaire Estate in Florida

florida luxury estate

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, this millionaire estate is an extraordinary blend of modern and contemporary design. This is very unique and expensive estate. This home is being sold for $2.5 million and is worth every penny.

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How To Get Your Real Estate License

real estate license

We discussed ways you can get money without a job, and here comes one more way for you to start making money. Six years ago, many people made a killing in real estate and since the recession we have seen only the best survive. A new era of foreclosures and short sales came about and once again proved that real estate never dies but simply slows down.

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Secret to Success – Mike Correa

E46 M3 horse power freaks

Mike Correa is not the wealthiest man alive, nor has he invented something to make him famous but he is what I like to think of as a heavy hitter in the making. Mike has built one of the finest BMW E46 M3’s on the planet and continues to grow in life as well as with his cars. We had a chance to sit with Mike and he was kind enough to discuss work, cars and family.

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Secret Model – Kristin Watson Part 3

porsche with model

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The Pursuit of Perfection!

When striving for success, we often look at goals we need to achieve such as financial freedom or buying a new car but often forget the most important goal we can set for ourselves. The goal that you never reach and therefore keep pushing harder for “perfection.”

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Are You In The Drivers Seat?

scuderia 16m interior

Life is like a box of chocolates but it is about control of your own life. In many of our previous articles we discuss the importance of control and discipline over your feelings, emotions, money and family but we have never taken the time to discuss the discipline we all have with ourselves. In the game of life, there are two types of player, the driver and the passenger. Both types have their pros and cons but only one is usually associated with successful entrepreneurs; and that would be the driver.

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