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Secret Model – Katie

secretary model

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Millionaire Estate in Florida

florida luxury estate

Located in Boca Raton, Florida, this millionaire estate is an extraordinary blend of modern and contemporary design. This is very unique and expensive estate. This home is being sold for $2.5 million and is worth every penny.

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General Motors Bankrupt

gm bankrupt

General Motors bankrupt is the new word on Wall Street.

It seems that despite major efforts to save itself and all the new plans and arrangements, General Motors will be forced into bankruptcy by the end of next month. Word on wall street remains that the giant auto maker will be forced to claim chapter 11 bankruptcy and will be forced to close down over 1000 dealerships in order to potentially survive the dark road ahead.

This is now the 3rd major loss in the American auto industry, and seems to not be the last. Chrysler was first, followed by the Pontiac branch of General Motors and now this; GM should learn a few tricks from its counterpart Ford automotive who has used this recession as an opportunity and has prepared well for the next boom in automotive technology.

General Motors being forced into bankruptcy comes as no surprise as it was clear that production quality, innovation and customer satisfaction had been lacking in years and that no last minute change was going to entirely salvage a lost and useless company that was ran so inefficiently for the past decade.

General Motors can only hope that this chapter 11 loss will be its last as it obviously has yet to fix its union problem, labor costs and production costs in order to turn this ship around and salvage what is left of it.

How To Get Your Real Estate License

real estate license

We discussed ways you can get money without a job, and here comes one more way for you to start making money. Six years ago, many people made a killing in real estate and since the recession we have seen only the best survive. A new era of foreclosures and short sales came about and once again proved that real estate never dies but simply slows down.

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2010 Mercedes E63 AMG Video

Stock Market Investment Opportunities

investment opportunity

Opportunities are all around us, there are many chances for all of us to get in on certain ventures before they boom, and or buy investments at the right time and hold them long term.

Today we are going to discuss one of those opportunities and what you can do to prepare for the next one. The stock market is known to have its ups and downs and we all know that everyone wants to get in when its low and sell when its high, but are we ready to act when the right opportunity comes along?

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What The Credit Card Law Means To You

credit card

The rules have changed and they will impact you starting in 2010.

President Obama just signed a new bill into effect last week and it has already gotten the attention of Wall Street and Main Street. The bill like all other signed by the President has already received criticism from Republicans for being too easy on those that act irresponsibly with credit.

The law is quite simple and fair if you ask me. It involves two segments around rates and fees.

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