Secret Model – Katie

secretary model

secretary model

What do you look for in a guy?

If a guy can make me laugh he’s a winner.

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Katie, I am french but I’m also German, Italian, Irish, etc. I like to say I am like a variety pack from Costco. I was born in VA then moved with my family to Long Island, NY. After 2 years we moved back to VA and I have lived here since.

What other type of modeling work have you done?

I was on an acting kick for a while so I had my head shots done. I was recently in a bikini contest at Preakness that was sponsored by Hooters.


When it comes to food I will try anything once, but over all I love burgers, steak, seafood-all American kind of girl. I love shopping and going out to bars and I love dancing! Pretty Woman and any black and white love story movies are my weakness. When I’m down I turn on sex and the city and eat coffee ice cream. :)

Worst pick up line anyone has attempted to use on you?

I’ve never really had an actual pick up line on me but I did have a guy ask if he could “motor boat” me. And when I said no he asked me to bend over. Gross.

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