Secret to Success – Mike Correa

E46 M3 horse power freaks

Mike Correa is not the wealthiest man alive, nor has he invented something to make him famous but he is what I like to think of as a heavy hitter in the making. Mike has built one of the finest BMW E46 M3’s on the planet and continues to grow in life as well as with his cars. We had a chance to sit with Mike and he was kind enough to discuss work, cars and family.

E46 M3 horse power freaks

You said you were an Engineer? Tell us more about what you actually do?

I am a Senior Information Assurance Engineer. I lead a team that verifies the infrastructure for robustness and security, and also certify each item on the network from the circuits, switches, routers, servers, and all other facets of the network. I love doing my job since I have a technical background so I can understand how things work and how to secure the network properly. I am not just book smart!

What is Eurowerks all about? What type of members do you have?

Eurowerkz is an all Euro International car club that is based out of NY. We are a deeply founded family orientated club whose passion is modifying our cars. We are a tight knit team whose are pretty close, almost like family!

You can join Eurowerkz by visiting our site ( and sending an email in for consideration along with a picture of your car and a list of mods. We have access to several high end sponsors who provide us with services not normally found retail wise.

Tell us about your past 3 car projects?

The last 3 project cars that I created have been a 2002 E46 M3 that was TiAG and the theme was mostly silver CF and black which was unique during that time period. I eventually sold that car and my next project was a 2001 Basalt Black Porsche 996 twin turbo. I did a nice clean black theme with red accents and performance upgrades. This project was on par with the first one.

porsche 911 turbo

The last one was the BMW E46 M3 supercharged custom widebody car that was a one-off design and the only one in the world! I really went all out!

E46 M3 horse power freaks

I am currently modifying the brand new E90 M3. Most people ask me why I chose the sedan version of this M3 and the answer is easy! I like to be different and take on a challenge!

black e92 m3

Which one was/is your favorite and why?

I think my first M3 was my favorite because I had to work so hard to get the parts to modify it back then. I didn’t have as many sponsors and I earned less so each mod was likeĀ a tasty morsel and it took me awhile to do it.

How do you keep a work/life balance?

I have no idea! My life is sooo busy and crazy that it is a challenge to keep everything straight! I work very hard to schedule what I can when I can but myself and my fiancee always make time for downtime…it is important to do so, otherwise you will go crazy!

Thank you to Mike for taking the time to talk to us, we wish you much success with your work, family and cool new M3, we hope you will share this new masterpiece with us when you are all done with her.