The Pursuit of Perfection!

When striving for success, we often look at goals we need to achieve such as financial freedom or buying a new car but often forget the most important goal we can set for ourselves. The goal that you never reach and therefore keep pushing harder for “perfection.”

What is Perfection?

We all can agree that no one is perfect, but we cannot say that trying to be perfect is not possible. Perfection is different to all, and holds different values for each individual but should remain our ultimate strive. If you look back at your past 5-10 years and ask yourself “How much have I moved towards perfection?” you will truly realize what your net worth in society is. I want to take a moment to discuss what perfection is to me. I believe that perfection is what is generally accepted by society as a 10/10 person in just about all they do. Perfection exists in all of us, and through the years we learn to bring it out for others to witness. We become experts in our fields and become perfect at what we do but we often forget to be best at living life. Life is about the experiences we encounter, the lessons we learn, the people we meet and the circumstances and opportunities we create for ourselves. The one who masters how to experience life has a perfect life, as they no longer feel without purpose.

How do you experience life?

You stop procrastinating and you deliver on what you said you are going to do. There is nothing more demotivating than one that constantly sets goals and claims they will achieve but continue to fail. By delivering on your own goals and promises, you create circumstances, circumstances that open doors and allow you to continue to experience life. It is similar to the domino effect and comes down to the more you do, the more life does for you. A simple example of this is money, the more money you have or are making, the more people you know and the more you start earning an entourage of wealthy folks. With that entourage come the connections and opportunities that would have never been there otherwise. This will widen your ability to experience life to the fullest and enjoy other elements you would have never had the chance to if you hadn’t improved this one segment of your life. In other words, as misery loves company so does positive energy.

What is real positive energy?

Positive energy is what drives your mood, attitude and just about everything else in your life. The more positive you remain, the more you achieve Think about angeand the negativity it brings and then let me blow your mind by saying nothing that makes you angry can keep you from getting angry. Anger is triggered by an action, conversation or the discovery of a past action but no matter how you look at it, it is based on a past action that has occurred and can no longer be changed but your reaction to it can drastically change the course of the action if the event has not fully unfolded yet. Actions based on emotions are simply dangerous and lead to nothing but disaster. Emotional intelligence is what allows you to control outcomes and make sure that they remain positive.

When we connect what we learned, we understand that positive energy draws more positive energy and creates circumstances that allows you to experience life to the fullest, and it is only when we take a chance and truly choose to live life for the experience and not simply the outcomes, that we see ourselves moving closer to the perfection we should all seek.